6 Reasons Adobe Flash Player Should Survive


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6 Reasons Adobe Flash Player Should Survive

Most Internet geeks are saying that Adobe Flash Player should disappear right away. The loss of Adobe Flash head of design, the CTO Kevin Lynch was the last bullet to kill it they say.

Furthermore, he was hired by Apple, who took their final shot to kill the deep-rooted application. But not the whole thing has to be a conspiracy, and Apple might have just seen Lynch’s potential.

Lynch has left just after a major security bridge on Adobe Flash Player (that has been fixed already), but opening again questions about the need of having it on internet browsers. It was expected that Adobe Flash Player didn’t last much after Steve Jobs announced the ban for this application on iPhones in 2011. IPhones have grown stronger, and Flash is getting weaker. However, there are still reasons to keep Adobe Flash Player for a while. Here are 6 reasons Adobe Flash Players should survive.

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The main reasons mentioned

  • There are still many websites using Flash
  • Applications for Business need Support
  • Open standard formats to substitute Flash are not yet mature
  • Web-Based Games need support
  • Designers are still using Flash for Animations
  • Legacy Support

are all true and repeated since the “death of Flash” been announced in 2010

I wonder how more years it gonna take for the HTML5/JS crowd to turn bitter on their tech :smile: