A question for anyone using NativeWebView in Distriqt.

I use Distriqt’s NativeWebView to view the WebView.
However, only the Y-coordinate is off on a vertical device.
Is there a better way to calculate the error in scaleMode with SHOW_ALL?

Here’s the part of the calculation I’m using.

main.stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.SHOW_ALL;
var displayWidth:Number = Capabilities.screenResolutionY / Capabilities.screenResolutionX * main.stage.stageWidth;

var viewport:Rectangle = new Rectangle(x=80, y=431, w=480, h=400)

var screenRatio:Number = Capabilities.screenResolutionX / displayWidth;

viewport.width = viewport.width * screenRatio;
viewport.height = viewport.height * screenRatio;

viewport.x = viewport.x * screenRatio;
viewport.y = viewport.y * screenRatio;