About Bundle Adobe AIR 33 with 32bit and 64bit

How can i merge the Harman SDK 32bit and 64bit for one Apps?
like others ReactNative can publish into google play both 32bit and 64bit for one Apps.
below picture is ReactNative Bundle APK

Below picture is Harman SDK bundle APK

Is there a solution for this?

Got this from adobe harman support


search the archives of the forum it has been discussed numerous times

I have also this type of problem when i publishing tow apk’s and uploading to play store. my app download size 38mb. but my one app is = 18mb. ???

it is there in the docs
Multiple APK support

If you publish your app to Google Play, you should build and upload an Android App Bundle. When you do so, Google Play automatically generates and serves optimized APKs for each user’s device configuration, so they download only the code and resources they need to run your app. Publishing multiple APKs is useful if you are not publishing to Google Play, but you must build, sign, and manage each APK yourself.