Adobe AIR Documentation archives and downloads

So Adobe removed from their website all articles, posts, etc. related to the Flash Runtime, Flash, AIR, Flex, etc.

for example:
if before you could visit
Getting started with ActionScript 3 - Adobe

this now redirect to

Flash Player’s EOL is coming at the end of 2020. See the roadmap for Flash Player and AIR’s EOL:

You can access the archived documents relevant to Flash Runtime even after the Flash EOL date. We are providing access to the archived documents for all the user/developers community to download. These documents are now no longer updated.

To get access to the latest version of AIR, visit the HARMAN website:

The table below lists the links to the .zip file archives containing the documentation related to Flash Runtime.

if you’re lucky you might find the page archived
for ex: here (2019) and here (2016)

at the very worst you’ll get a 404 page :frowning:

Page like Download Adobe Flex SDK

also redirect to

you can find some recent archives here (April 2020)

and from there retrieve the original download links (they still works for now)

  • Adobe Flex 4.6 SDK

    Adobe® Flex® Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the Flex framework (component class library) and Flex compiler, enabling you to freely develop and deploy Flex applications using an IDE of your choice.

    All platforms, English
    328 MB

  • Adobe Flex 4.5.1 SDK
    not listed on the archived page
    I list it because it is the SDK you need to build under Linux with AIR 2.6

    All platforms, English
    209 MB

  • Adobe Flex 3.6 SDK

    All platforms, English
    120 MB

  • Adobe Flex 3.6 Data Visualization Components for Flex Builder

    All platforms, English
    39.5 MB

  • Adobe Flex 3.6 Automation Libraries for Flex Builder

    All platforms, English
    333 KB

On, the .zip file archives contains PDF of the archived pages, the total is 387 MB, here the details

 69M	AIR
4.0M	Archive
 59M	Flash
 11M	FlashBuilder
9.1M	FlashCatalyst
2.0M	FlashPlatform
 24M	FlashPlayer
209M	Flex

Thanks for the information.

Has there been any further discussion on a community documentation project, wiki or similar ? Probably a good time to get something in place.

@ajwfrost Has Harman got any plans for documentation?

still planning for this
Community Documentation Projects

and now thinking if/how those PDF archives from Adobe could be integrated somehow


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How about the documentation at, like

I still see it, any idea if that will that be removed? It is HUGELY helpful to me, what alternatives might there be if that gets purged?


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it is the AS3LCR as mentioned in
Community Documentation Projects

In short, redoing the AS3LCR (ActionScript 3.0 Language and Component Reference)
that you all know located here

there is already a backup copy as a zip file but it cover only till AIR 15 and FP 16

the online version cover till AIR 32 FP 32

with Redtamarin we cover a good part of it but not all yet, and should be able to provide both a local and an online version, even some versions without the redtamarin’s parts (almost a clone of what you can find online)

Hi all - we are planning to take over all the AIR documentation including the AS3 API reference stuff (and probably by extension all the Flex AS3 classes too, although I’m not entirely sure where they come from). The documentation for the built-in AS3 definitions plus all the flash/AIR built-in APIs are outputs from the AIR build process, so we have the original source of this content and perhaps just need to have the html/js framework that provides all the frame-based navigation…

Anyway… we’ll work to get some of these archives put back up onto our webserver, I knew this was going to happen but hadn’t realised it was already going ahead!



@ajwfrost good to know

but in all cases, on our side, we can not do otherwise than publishing our own doc for redtamarin

and because of that we also went deep into the guts of asdoc,
my guess is that for the official Flash/AIR doc they use more than asdoc,
maybe some custom XSLT, probably other custom scripts for generating runtimeErrors.html and many other appendixes

but probably things that are not “open” and so can not be used for Redtamarin or other kind of open source project like a documentation project

anyway, with asdoc, we had to use plenty of things undocumented and used many custom scripts to be able to generate something close to the AS3LCR, in fact we wrote docs just for those undocumented stuff, like how to have 2 public definitions sharing the same name (eg. function Object() and class Object but you also need a publid definition of the real Object class)

in our case we end up with something like

     * Every value in ActionScript 3.0 is an object,
     * which means that calling <code>Object()</code> on a value returns that value.
     * @param value An object or a number, string, or Boolean value to convert.
     * @return      The value specified by the <code>value</code> parameter.
     * @langversion 3.0
     * @playerversion Flash 9
     * @playerversion AIR 1.0
    public function Object_ASDoc2( value:Object ):Object
        return null;

     * The <code>Object</code> class is at the root of the ActionScript class hierarchy.
     * ...
    public dynamic class Object_ASDoc
        // ...

     * @private
     * The <code>Object</code> class is at the root of the ActionScript class hierarchy.
     * ...
    public dynamic class Object
        // Object.length = 1 per ES3
        // E262 {ReadOnly, DontDelete, DontEnum }
        /** @private */
        public static const length:int = 1

        // ...



so yeah to keep the definition public and showing up in asdoc output you can append _ASDoc, _ASDoc2, things that are completely undocumented

or same when the same function or constructor can use different signatures, etc.

I’m not sure what you’ll get from Adobe, but my guess is it will not be as simple as just running asdoc and be done with it.

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