Adobe AIR no longer working on MAC

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Just got back from my vacation to find out MAC Catalina users ca no longer install the app I am working on. Apple quarantines the AIR framework so the users need to open up the terminal to fix it ( this will never happen)

Dose anybody know a workaround to this?

do you bundle the runtime into your app?

I have a macOS, updated to Catalina and also AIR Apps (AIR bundle).
0 issues.

From Catalina (and I almost got my hands on the fire how this won’t change), you will not able to use AIR as shared runtime without ugly hacks that as you said, the average user (99%) will not do it.

You have 2 options:

  1. Bundle your App. It’s your fault if you depend on AIR and in 2020 you are still using shared runtime.
  2. Go for the easy way (I not recommend the easy way), that’s wait for Harman to find a fix on a near future if they will ever do it, that’s on my opinion a wast of time.
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Thank you for the reply. The app is distributed as a *.dmg that uses the shared run-time.
I can create a *.app file with bundled run-time, that works OK, users have to manually drag it into the Applications directory.
Another option is to try to make my own installer that copies the run-time and the app in the applications directory using Packages

Check this out:
Using since 2017 with hundreds of updates, using this script.

I publish the .app from my macOS and run a script (using touchbar because I need to justify that thing :D) that grab the necessary files and creates a zip file that I upload to my serve and serves both macOS clients, windows 64 bits clients and few windows 32 bits (yeah, there are people using Windows XP in 2020 :P).

I just can’t serve Linux users but it’s not dramatic because it’s about 1% of requirements and this people are used to emulators anyway.

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I would say stop using the shared runtime and repackage your app with the bundled runtime

Now for distributing the app I would advise to learn how to build .pkg or .dmg, how to sign the app, etc.

Yes it can be daunting at first but for the long run it’s for the best

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Jan 07, 2020

I reached out to Harman and received this email response from Andrew:


Yes we’re working on a new version of the shared AIR runtime that will address this issue. It will be a temporary workaround though, as longer term we would expect developers to re-package their applications using the AIR SDK that we provide (version 33.1 and onwards, which will support MacOS platforms – this is also forthcoming).

We hope to have these solutions available shortly, I will let you know when this is online.