Adobe Air SDK 33 Beta Download Link

I sent already 4 emails to Harman, confirmed that I received the Terms and Conditions, but until now did not receive any link to download and test the Air 33 Beta.

What more can I do?? Anyone with the same problem?

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Did you receive the AIR SDK Beta License Agreement.pdf ?

and so did you follow the instructions ?

The same will apply in terms of no distribution of this software until we’re satisfied with the quality levels so we will push the binaries out to those who are happy with the attached SDK license agreement. If you’ve not yet read and agreed to this, please reply with your confirmation and we can add you to the distribution list.

eg. you HAVE TO reply and put in writing that you are accepting the license agreement

once that is done then Harman can add you to a distribution list where you will be able to download the SDK

if you already done all that, just send them an email
to and ask them about it


I did all this various times.

maybe try to the online form at the bottom of the page?

now you don’t say if you specifically received the AIR SDK Beta License Agreement.pdf ?
confirmation or receiving the term and condition
is not the same thing as
agreeing with the SDK license agreement

can you tell us what you wrote exactly?

maybe it is a stupid communication misunderstanding?

I also did this. Do not know what is going on there… frustrating

Same Problem Here. I do not receive any link to download and test the Air 33 Beta.

Harman provided a direct download link: :raised_hands: