Adobe Showcase Gallery


Not sure since how long this exists but there is an
Adobe Flash & AIR Platforms Showcase Gallery

yep, made and hosted by Adobe, in relation with their Behance network.

Here how it works, you can submit stuff

Submit Your Work
To submit your App/ANE to the Adobe Flash and AIR platforms Showcase Gallery, post a video and screenshots of your application project on Behance. Your App/ANE will be considered for inclusion by Adobe. This is a highly curated gallery and submission does not guarantee entry on the site. For submission guidelines, please go through the link . But these are the basic steps:

OK …

and so it look like that

As they say there is no guarantee your submitted entry will be selected in their “highly curated gallery” but if you produce ANE, AIR apps/games, etc. and got an Adobe subscription linked with a Behance account it may worth the shot to submit your stuff there.

Not sure how much visibility this thing have but I guess it can not hurt.

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