Adobe take a lot of shit in their bug reports


If you go on
(and have an Adobe ID to login)

you can search bugs, report bugs and request features, etc.

a search on “Flash Player” open issues will return 2000+ bugs

hummm… why is there so many bugs still open?

well because most of them require more info

even a bug filled with some info can be useless to debug the problem

see example1

title is

Crash crash and more crashes

and the description

Problem Description: Always crashes when I play video in particular on the BTN site - have newest version installed using Firefox also does not work on explorer not sure what the number is of the newest version but I do have it.

Steps to Reproduce:

Actual Result:

Expected Result:

Any Workarounds:

If I was a dev assigned to such bug, I would close it instantly

I understand that Cynthia is pissed off because her loved flash player crash all the time, but even if she reports it she does not gives any substantial info to help solve the problem.

“on the BTN site”
WTF is the BTN site? do you know?
I don’t, bug closed, reason: “need more information”

“have newest version installed using Firefox”
ORLY? I don’t care what you think, give me the eff’ing version number
you don’t? simple, bug closed, reason: “need more information”

“also does not work on explorer not sure what the number is of the newest version but I do have it.”
HAHAHA that’s cute, don’t make me waste my time
bug closed, reason: “need more information”

So I’m exaggerating just a tad but I can guarantee you is what’s going on in a dev mind.

There are literally millions of reason the flash player could crash in a browser, the most common one is to use an outdated browser and/or an outdated flash player, and if someone report a bug without info in it well… not much can be done.

It is a vicious circle, on one side you have “dumb” users who basically come to report a bug but in fact explode in frustration, and on other side you have dev who need information to be able to investigate.

And make no mistake, even if the bug is kept “open”, the reason “need more information” definitively close it forever.

now let’s see example 2

Even if this bug report is more detailed, it lacks many things

  • no small code sample to isolate the bug
  • the expectation that 3 years old code can keep running unmodified forever
  • not even trying to do a workaround

you can perfectly build a flash video player without using flash.display::DisplayObject/set scrollRect(), in fact it would go faster to detect the flash version causing the problem in the video player code and remove the need for that API that create the problem.

but noooooess, uers are lazy by default, they not gonna even try to fix things when it is so easy to say “it’s adobe’s fault by default”

OK, in this case it’s probably Adobe fault as it seems to be a regression bug (something that was working before and for a long time and suddenly stopped working).

But if you read the comments (always read the comments when it concerns bugs)
you can see a link to
which explains

Problem Description: Behaviour of BitmapData.copyPixels() will now throw a #1508 ArgumentError for negative rectangles where it previously did not. The docs do not list this error as a candidate to be thrown.

Steps to Reproduce: Try to copy bitmap data to another bitmap data using a negative source rectangle.
var r : Rectangle = new Rectangle(0, 0, -100, -100);
bmp.bitmapData.copyPixels(myBitmapData, r, new Point());

Actual Result: Exception “ArgumentError: Error #1508: The value specified for argument sourceRect is invalid.” is thrown, and further AS3 execution in the current scope is prevented.

Expected Result: No exception is thrown and the copyPixels call effectively copies no pixels. Subsequent AS3 execution continues in the current scope.

Any Workarounds: Only ensuring all rectangles have positive (or zero) dimensions.

and after, in yet more comments, you see

This may have been introduced by a fix for an integer overflow issue

See, that’s the problem, you can not give shit to Adobe because of security issues and at the same time give them shit for changing things

but noooooes, remember the user is a lazy fuck so instead of updating its own video player to fix something that I would call a trivial bug to which Adobe is non responsible
they stick to their ground and keep asking

Adding to Daniel Poda note - we have many clients that cannot use their flash-based video widgets. websites and services that used to work for years are down because of this. Is there some kind of estimation of when this will be resolved?
Is it planned to be part of next release?

that’s the kind of shit that Adobe have to deal with

so you see the user even suggesting that they could fix the problem themselves? nope
they keep asking Adobe to resolve it because no way they gonna republish a video player … I mean that must be too hard to do right, compared to republishing the whole suite of flash player c++ code base …

man I would punch those guys in the face for being so irresponsible

users programming stuff and not owning their stuff

and that pisses me off to no extend

if you publish an app, a game, a video player, whatever …
you gonna have to maintain it forever or as long as you want ppl to use it
you should not depends on the vendor to fix bug for you
but on your programming team

same for everything, if you publish a SWF on the web, an app on the mobile app stores, etc. it’s not fucking magic, you gonna have to listen to your users for what works and does not work and fix the damn problem yourself in order to maintain your app

I’m not even to trying to defend Adobe here (we are independent from them hence why you see me use “fuck” and “shit” slurs everywhere) but I’m sad at the state of flash development for some companies

they don’t see flash as a tool to produce apps
they see it as a commodity, you know, grab a flash player made in 2 days by some guy out there and expect it to work forever and ever without even thinking to invest in a full time dev to develop their own damn product.

It’s not a tech problem, they would have the very same issue with HTML5/JS or anything else, it’s a mentality problem eg. “we are nice enough to use Flash so you owe us to fix the problem even if it’s our responsibility to do so”

welll… it turned out in a nice rant :stuck_out_tongue:

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