Adobe will discontinue Cirrus Service

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here the Adobe Forum message Is Cirrus Service is reliable?

Michael Thornburgh Employee Jul 16, 2019 3:29 PM

it’s with a little sadness that we’ve decided to discontinue the Cirrus service. it will be shut down on October 16 2019 (three months from today). the service has very low utilization so this is not expected to affect very many people.

Developers: please make alternate server arrangements before that date.

open source RTMFP servers do exist, although i can’t vouch for any of them. search for “open source rtmfp”.

-michael thornburgh

so yeah Cirrus Serviced (or free RTMFP) is shutting down on October 16 2019

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Is Cirrus service is reliable and capable to handle 100k plus active users for communication between apps, the transferring data size is up to 2kb at a time and the Cirrus Service is real-time or delayed of ____ ms.

Is it free or licensed to use in a mobile application?.

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the answer was

Michael Thornburgh Employee Jun 5, 2019 10:17 AM

hi IDZ Developer.

the (codename) Cirrus service is, and always has been, a beta/experimental service for learning about the P2P capabilities of the Flash platform. the service is not intended for production services, and has no SLA.

the service is also not currently scaled up to reliably handle “100k plus active users”. its current utilization is much lower than that, probably because of the imminent End-of-Life of Flash Player. in order to limit costs of running the service, i have reduced its capacity as usage has gone down over time.

in fact, given the very low utilization of the cluster and the imminent End-of-Life of Flash Player, it seems like it might be the right time to discontinue the service. :frowning_face:

So yeah that’s sad, because the tech RTMFP is great but almost nobody uses it, so I get it, maintaining a free service to wait for very few people to rediscover that kind of tech exists is not really gonna last forever, and here Flash EOL help shutting down the service.