Adt - Reasons for "Error connecting to your device!"

I am developing AIR/Flash apps in intelliJ.

When i want to debug on my device. The error “Error connecting to your device!” appears.

I already checked the common things which could case this but it didn’t work.

Does anybody know what could be wrong?

When i run adt in the console i see my device listed but i can’t install my app.

what is your operating system? Windows?

could be a USB driver problem, could be that you have to authorise the device to be able to connect to it, could be that you have to enable the developer mode on the device, etc.

could be many things

what did you test? how did you test?

If this is on an iOS device and you have recently upgraded to iOS 13 then this is an issue recently raised with Harman.

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Workaround : install Apple Configurator 2 , select your device , drag and drop your IPA

Yes my OS is Windows.

Could have been but i think @tuarua is right.