AIR 28- Swiping iPhone bottom\up opens ios control center instead of small arrow


On AIR 27 and below, using iPhone 6
Swiping a finger from top-down OR from bottom-up would open a small ‘system’ arrow,
Swiping this arrow (second swipe) would open the notification bar \ control center panel (volume, network…)

From AIR 28\29
Swiping a finger from top-down OR from bottom-up is immediately opening the notification panel \ control center panel.
This behavior is very annoying while playing the game…


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Compile a simple-empty ‘hello world’ using AIR 27

  2. install on iPhone 6 & open application

  3. Swipe Top-down - and you will get the small arrow - AS EXPECTED, NOW:

  4. remove application from device

  5. Compile ‘hello world’ using AIR 28\29

  6. Swipe Top-down - Notification Bar is opening immediately (no arrow before opening)
    Swipe Bottom-up - System panel is opening immediately (no arrow before opening)

I am using Animate CC 2018
iPhone 6 with ios 11
I am using the new launch images naming…
(the app is fullscreen and all sizes issue is OK)

Bug Report on adobe tracker:


so this one is a difficult one

you can not turn it off because it is a system setting,
finding a “hack” to disable those would probably get your app rejected

but as a system setting the user can decide to “disable control center”

that said, the problem is much much more subtle than that

what you describe is a change of behaviour from pre-iOS 11 to iOS 11

see Avoiding Conflicts with System Gestures at Screen Edges

Note: This is a small but significant change in iOS 11. If you rely on hiding the status bar to use gestures at the screen edges you should update your app and override setNeedsUpdateOfScreenEdgesDeferringSystemGestures for iOS 11.

I added a comment to the adobe tracker

in short, we would want a setting in AIR that allow to “defer system gestures on edges”

  • if “defer system gestures on edges” = true
    a top-down or bottom-up swipe should only open a small system arrow
  • if “defer system gestures on edges” = false
    a top-down or bottom-up swipe should directly open the system menu (eg. control center)


And someone recently published an ANE that exactly solve this problem

Adobe AIR native extension for deferring system gestures on iOS

exactly why I love open source :slight_smile: