AIR 33 64-bit update?


So, has there been any updates on this 64 bit nonsense? It looks like it has been over a month since the Herman announcement. Where is the AIR 33 update? Any new information from Herman?

I have emailed them asking for the beta. Hopefully they will reply. I wonder if I can publish my app using it, if they don’t release the full AIR 33 in time?

What kind of splash screen do we need to include with the free version?

How do we even know what kind of bracket our app is in? Do we need to sum up all the microtransactions that were performed within the past year?

What if we have a free app that is provided as part of a service? Let’s pretend I wrote the Uber app with AIR 33, which is free and has no in-app purchases. It obviously makes a shitton of money, but not through anything that can be tracked in the Google Play Console. How do I quantify the income from that app?

Yet another issue, I’m sure most of us also use a ton of ANE’s in our apps. I guess these also need to be updated to 64-bit before our apps satisfy the 1 Aug requirement of google? Do you all think that there will be enough time for all these ANE’s to update in time for the 1 Aug deadline, if AIR 33 is released, say, 2 days before the deadline?


I use myFlashLabs ANEs and they confirmed via email that they have 64bit reaby their ANEs. They just waiting for the official release of AIR33 in order to release the updated ANEs


I (as well as all of you, no doubt) have just received an email from Herman stating that Google has provided a 12 month extension for existing AIR based applications, which is a big relief. This will give Herman the time to decide what to do.