AIR 33 Namespace Error after Overlaying Air on Flex

I have overlaid Air over Apache Flex 4.16.1. using ditto in terminal to merge the Air directory with the Flex directory. Using this newly built SDK in intellij I can run my app in adl and do a release build. But I am getting an Intellij error with the namespace when set to 33.1 as required in the release notes:

The error is “URI is not registered (Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Schemas and DTDs)”

No error if set to 32.0

I’ve tried adding the schema resource file manually as suggested by jetbrains but not really getting anywhere as I dont know which SDK resource file to add, or where to add it ie in the module (there are many) or in the XML catalog in preferences. I would have thought Intellij would have picked this up.

Any ideas?

read If you ask for help about code

also you don’t even select a category for your post

I don’t know if you’re on macOS or Windows, and which version
I don’t know how/what version of Java you installed on your system
I don’t know what terminal commands you used
I don’t know which version of IntelliJ you’re using
I don’t know what you already searched

at this point if you’re so lazy to not mention those basic things,
I don’t even bother looking into it

that’s just me, maybe someone else will answer

OK Zwetan … not lazy, just trying to figure … and first post on this forum.

I’m on macOS using intellij 2019.3 and worked around the issue in the end by adding
…/templates/air/Descriptor.33.1.xsd to the classpath for the SDK

Hope that helps someone.

This problem is being discussed elsewhere, for example the starling forum

But that wasn’t the answer for me.


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in the AIR SDK you got a release notes PDF
eg. Release_Notes_AIR_SDK_a.b.c.d.pdf

section 4.7 IntelliJ IDEA
points to

so is the issue that you did not read that first?
or that you read it, try to apply it and it did not work and you had to do something extra ?

I personally do not use IntelliJ IDEA, I setup everything on the command-line so whatever IDE is used it is only used for editing the code and the build (command-line) is always working whatever the OS/env/IDE

I would advise anyone to know in depth the compiler arguments at the command-line level, and if you rely only on your IDE then you need to understand how that particular IDE wrap its options to then use the command-line compilers like COMPC, MXMLC, ADT, etc.

good you could solve it by yourself, but all the versioning infos I was asking were valid
when you have the issues it is your job to provide those kind of informations
people trying to help should not have to question you to extract basic stuff like OS version, Java version, IDE version, etc.

a good exercise is to try to share your code with someone else who use another OS than macOS, and another IDE than IntelliJ, and to explain to that person how to build your code

Of course I read the release notes … In my macOS (10.13.16), Intellij 2019.3, java 1.8.0_131, building the app in intellij, not from the command line … The issue is that the IDE isn’t recognising the namespace 33.1, only 32.0 with AIR overlain on Apache Flex 4.16.1. The overlay was done with ditto in terminal which merges the directories afaik.

I worked around by adding the descriptor to the SDK classpath. So if anyone else recognises that as an issue, which some on other forums have, it feels like it should be something that’s on here. I still dont know why its not being picked up by the IDE.

Perhaps there’s a better way of overlaying Air to Flex and the issue is in there. Or maybe the issue is in Air. Or maybe its my IDE. Hence the question remains …


Have you tried building/running the project?
I am using IJ 2020 and set the namespace to 33.1 albeit for non Flex project. Although it highlights it as red in the editor (with the same message you mention) I am able to run and compile no problem.
It is something JetBrains will have to resolve in the AIR plugin.

Yes the project built OK but highlighted red in the editor in IJ 2020.1. Sounds like it is something for JetBrains. I can load an ad hoc build using Flex/Air 33.1 on iPad for testing. Thanks