Air 33 to Google Play process (using Animate)

Don’t fall into their “game”

look, you got a serious advantage with AIR to be able to publish on both iOS and Android
unless the effort is really too much time/cost, just publish your app everywhere you can

I would even say don’t stop to the Goole Play Store, publish also to the Amazon App Store

just sayin’, don’t let store bullshit stop you putting your app out there for people to discover

pretty sure they only tested with Chrome like 98% of sites out there
so yeah it is sad but it is how it is

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Can you just do one .apk for 64bit, and no version for 32bit phones?

I have put the adt.cfg with the code
inside but doesn´t seem to work for me, any ideas?

You need to put it in the lib folder and then publish.

I’m not sure about just submitting a 64bit version. It wouldn’t be wise because this would only work with very few (new) phones right?

Do you have a 64bit Android phone?

Try publishing it onto your phone once you’ve done the above step and see the app works.

If so, I might need you to check my app if it ever goes live!


Sure, I guess once you work through the bugs and learn the process it’s not so bad. However I find the Play Store and Amazon Store useless for app revenue, and it’s got to the point that new apps on Google have very low visibility. With iOS you seem to have more chance.

But… overall the best platform for me has been the Android platform because of all the alternative appstores that come and go, like Nook and deals I’ve made with tablet makers and subscription networks in the US. It’s the freedom of being able to resell your content to hidden markets when the big players are saturated. The good old Apk file is universal!

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thanks. i’m same problem.
now is solved.

If you are working on a Mac
Do not work with a text editor while creating a .cfg file.

I opened the .cfg file again with a text editor
DefaultArch = armv8
OverrideArch = armv8
I opened it with another text editing tool
Strange special characters and braces were full.
I erased it and just put those two lines again.

Is anyone willing to make a video tutorial that shows the correct procedure for publishing AIR 33 in Adobe Animate for PlayStore applications?

Does anyone already have a definite step by step that works correctly?


Yes please ! a video tutorial. I didn’t succeed to publish my app on Play Store…


what exaclty file have you opened


I can’t find adt.cfg into lib folder in Air 33

yes. the file does not exist.
you must make.

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I add this file in lib folder
but when i compile project to apk
I get this error

There’s probably no point making a video until we know or certain that Google will accept an app. My app is still wanting in limbo because of some petty reason and they now take ages to review apps. It’'s like Apple in the old days.

*** Process is very simple. You create a blank text file with this code inside and save it as adt.cfg > drop it into lib folder to make the 64 bit version. Take it out and republish to make the 32 bit version.

DefaultArch = armv8
OverrideArch = armv8

HARMAN will make this guide in their next release notes. And who knows, this may all change in a week :roll_eyes:

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So if you’re getting an error on Anes that means these Anes will need to be updated for 64bit I guess? I have a few Milkman Anes too, and I think the dev has stopped updating them a long time ago. So that’s another reason for me to quit Google Play…

yes all ANE need to be ported to 64-bit too

Ye IOS seem good for revenue

I will try again, let´s see if it works. Thranks for your help Flashmatt

Flashmatt, I finally publish it, hope it go through to the playstore. Thanks

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Good luck Keleco - let us know if Google approves it!

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3 hours pass already… not published yet, I guess we will have to learn to develop in pure AIR??? What tool is needed?