Air 64bit for Android is coming but


Starting in June 2019 with the release of AIR 33, HARMAN will be providing the platform support and feature development for the AIR runtime and the SDK. AIR 33 will support 64-bit Android devices and will be available on a commercial basis.

1: Notice “commercial basis”.
2: Apache Flex is FUCKED.

I never understood “open sourcing Flex” even back then, Flex is a framework that depends on Air, and since Air is not open source it is like the most useless donation ever.
The people at Apache are really trying to make good on these…they are GOOD people, I can’t help but feel they felt betrayed by this news.
They would feel happy if AIR is donated to them for then they will be able to make good of the Air and Flex framework together instead of beholdening to Adobe Air which is non-open sourced.
And now for the final act of betrayal Adobe give Air NOT to them ?!!!
This is OUTRAGE !!!


For companies wishing to move away from the Adobe Flash technologies, HARMAN offers expertise in web application development and specifically in the migration of Flash-based content to JavaScript and TypeScript frameworks. For applications that are developed using the Apache Flex framework, HARMAN has expertise in Apache Royale which allows the application to remain with an MXML/ActionScript3 codebase and promises a lightweight responsive framework with relatively fast timescales for application migration.

HARMAN also provides migration of Flash applications using Angular and TypeScript, and can leverage their expertise in the ActionScript and SWF technologies to accelerate conversion of the codebase and assets over to the HTML frameworks. Please contact your local HARMAN sales representative, or, for an initial consultation to help determine the most appropriate migration path for your application.

This is how I am reading it.
You see this knife over here…we are not going to KILL air, we are just going to put it right here…and let the weight of the knife slowly cuts into it…



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Now, for the subjects at hand

no it’s not

first and foremost Flex is a SDK
it contains the sources (Java) of the different compilers: ASC, MXMLC, COMPC
and other utils like ASDOC, and other less known like FCSH, SWFDUMP, etc.

then you have sources for the Flex framework (which can be a lot of different things)
some of those frameworks and components integrate with AIR using an
“Adobe AIR integration kit”

see Github mirror of Apache Flex SDK

the AIR SDK and Flex SDK are two different things at the source level

for the end-user you can see them as interacting with each others
but they act at different level

the AIR SDK source is mainly about the C++ sources to build cross-platfom runtimes

if Adobe was “killing” AIR, they would announced its EOL

it’s not the case here, HARMAN is taking over the development/maintenance/update/support of AIR


Bla bla bla very different bla bla bla.
Now try creating a Flex application without AIR.
Drop Mic, walks off stage.


What do you have before ?
Open source Flex + Closed source AIR by Adobe + abandon community (lack of communication and commitment that’s one of the big complains - also mine)

What do you have now ?
Open source Flex + Closed source AIR by a new Company + vibrant community (reply to future costumers and commitment)

What you want more ?
For me was a turn over about something that I was expecting (an official statement of end of life) and now at least there is a chance.
Adobe didn’t managed to monetize and they don’t know to handle the community (for me this was the biggest mistake) BUT they could just drop and instead of that, they found someone else to continue. At least I give them that credit.

Do you think that open source AIR is the holy grail ?
The knowledge (Harman) is even more important than the source.

My only concern is that “seems” that their focus is Android/Unix systems however also seems that they will take care about other targets latter, but even so it’s much better than before.
This is also give the feeling that a return of Linux is now (for future) a possibility.


You have a point there.
They didn’t express that they will bring Linux support forward though if you read their post carefully.



“They didn’t express that they will bring Linux support”
I didn’t said that.
I said “This is also give the feeling”.

Open source it’s not everything.
Apache Royale it’s free and it’s open source and they strangling to manage that.
Recently they even wanted to pay (and it was not so little) for someone help them and they got 0 replies.
Do you think that if they open source (if they could), you will be able to start already fixing bugs and add new features ?
No, you can’t unless you have a tool that will download the knowledge and years of experience of AIR development but that’s belongs to science fiction at least for now.


and who maintains it?

open source or not, software projects need developers

when you can barely find AS3 dev who would contribute to AS3 sources
how the heck you gonna find C++ dev among those?

see all those dev that depends on commercial ANE?

do the math


I’ve been using Flex for over a decade, since the the very first version. We recently started (about 6 months ago) using AIR sdk to export the SWF compiled with Flex into native desktop apps. Not everyone is using flex for mobile apps. AIR SDK is useless if you don’t need its runtime.


Using Air [ok…]
to export swf with Flex [ok…]
into Native desktop apps [via ? Zinc 4.0 ? Stand-alone Flash Player ?]
I mean…since you are not using AIR…you wanna complete that sentence ?


Oh so we doing word games now ?
“give the feeling” means you didn’t really say it ?
Ok ok two can play that stupid game.
It “gives me the feeling”, now notice I didn’t say it, I say “gives me the feeling”…that you have a lack of self awareness and inability to apologize.
Remember…it “gives me the feeling”…I didn’t say anything under your terms.

You feeling smart now ?


He meant the AIR SDK allow them to publish on the desktop

Originally the AIR SDK was an addon to the Flex SDK,
the AIR SDK was just adding 2 tools: ADT and ADL

you were depending on the Flex SDK to compile the SWF file
which is then passed through ADT to publish to a target supported by AIR

Later on, Adobe introduced a second AIR SDK that you could install independently of the Flex SDK
this second AIR SDK brought a new ASC compiler: ASC2
see the details here
Read the ActionScript Compiler 2.0 (PDF, 20Kb)

and within that “new” AIR SDK that use ASC2, compilers that were originally in the Flex SDK,
got repurposed/reorganised in a slightly different layout

see the bottom of the Flex SDK README

The following dependencies have licenses which Apache considers to be
incompatible with the Apache License Version 2.0. You will be prompted to read
and agree to the license terms of the dependency before the software can be
downloaded to your system. These are optional components which enable
additional features. They are installed in libs/external/optional.

adt.jar, afe.jar, aglj40.jar, flex-fontkit.jar and rideau.jar (provide embedded font support)

These jars are extracted from:

and are released under an Adobe license:

the adt.jar is what use AIR SDK for bin/adt


Are you kidding me? How is “using AIR” mean “not using AIR”?

I explicitly said that I started using AIR 6 months ago to export my game into native desktop app. Before that we were just using Flex SDK to compile a SWF.


Oh my bad, sorry.
Did you try creating movieclips via addframescript and stuff using flex ?

Or you use the Flash IDE for that ?


What’s your problem ?
I know that my English is not very good but I’m not here to play games.
Please, go back to the topic or go f* yourself.
Did you understand this time or you need a tutorial ?


I’m not sure where you are going with that. We have a couple of features that use addFrameScript() on MovieClips that come from externally loaded SWF (usually created by artists in Flash IDE). But this is native Flash API and not related to Flex.


1: You accuse me of being wrong for saying something.
2: I call you out for having your facts wrong.
3: You got caught, then proceed to say you didn’t say it because you say you are “feeling it” which, under your new definition means you didn’t say it.
4: I call you out for playing word games.
5: You play victim card and call me to go fuck myself.

Honey do you need to see a therapist ?
Your logic is all over yourself.

Sure let’s get back to the topic, but don’t go around calling someone wrong and then hide behind your wall of “feelings” when you are caught.


[content replacement]


Well, it depends on the type of projects. We are a team of ~25 working on a virtual world. So it makes sense for the Art team to use the Flash IDE. I personally rarely use it anymore. I would say a couple of days per year, for adjustments in UI skins/icons. I mainly code in IntelliJ and assemble the end product with Flex/AIR.

But outside of the compiler, Flex is mainly an application framework. I worked on many projects using only Flex components and Flash IDE was not used in these projects.


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