Air 64bit for Android is coming but


Yes, I said that and I shouldn’t, so sorry about that.
From what i remember, it was my very first time.
This user was able to make me lose my temper making it seem like I said things I did not say and I’m not here to play or joke with anybody.
Honestly I’m participating on this forum for a while and I this was so unpleasant that I thought in leave myself.


you can find a bit more infos on addframescript here
Example event system in AS3

also this is not documented so should not be used unless you really know what you are doing

the addframescript is very similar to the -frame compiler option
see that other discussion Adobe Air android with 2 swfs questions

Flex can not directly add a MovieClip as part of its component system
but you have some flash integration component that can integrate between Flex and “pure flash”

see flex-sdk/frameworks/projects/flash-integration/

*** Adobe Flex Component Kit for Flash Professional

This folder contains the source files for the Flex Component Kit for Flash Professional.


@ Hugo_Ferreira was the one that first use the F word on me and I am the one you decided to pinpoint for “stirring” arguments ?

I am going to call you out for your biases right there @superadmin.
You gonna apologize ?

Or you are going to ban me for calling you out on your biases ?


@ForeverMacro do you really want to get there?

first, a fair remark was made

to which you replied

then another short reply

and then you went overboard

right there you jumping at someone and request an apology and you are being aggressive

Do you get that?

and off course violence begets violence
so then you got that most angry reply back

see what happen?

now a simple discussion look like a cage fight where people gonna jump at each other throat

I didn’t ask anyone to apologize but I did ask for people to calm down
so this thread discussion can continue on its technical merit

but it seems you do not care to talk about technical stuff
because form the original post that you posted, you did not follow through, you’re jumping to other subjects right and left

and it looks like you are more interested in people apologizing to you than discussing technical subjects

eg. this

oh fine, call that: banned 1 week


The “F” word today is Flash, never mention it with a client, or the 19 YO intern will jump at your throat saying how bad it is and how bad your are at development in spite of your 25 years experience.