AIR and Flash Player 24 released


On December 13, 2016 we have reached v24.0

see the Release Notes for Flash Player® 24 AIR® 24

Here the new features

  • Spherical video support in Flash and AIR

  • Instanced Drawing on AIR Desktop ( Beta quality)

  • Separate HTTP and HTTPS permissions for Camera and Microphone

  • Improved support for high resolution displays on Firefox for Windows

  • Swipe Velocity for Android and iOS

  • Android SDK Upgrade

  • Support for Android App Links

  • Permissions on Android and iOS

    Beginning with Android 6.0 (API level 23), the users now need to grant permissions to apps while it is running, not when they install the application. To handle the permissions requests and status, we have introduced Permissions API for Android and iOS.

  • Custom fonts support for StageText on iOS and Android

  • Asynchronous texture upload for mobile

  • Anti-Aliasing using configureBackBuffer() on iOS

Wait… there is more :slight_smile:



Yay :smile: we now have a a NPAPI Linux Flash Player v24
and the debug player and projectors going with it.

Here all the versions now published by Adobe


Not very excited with this release.
I would prefer things like AIR 64 bits for Windows and AIR 24 for Linux.


I think Adobe mentioned they have planed to update AIR for Windows to 64bit so it will probably come in futur versions.

And for AIR 24 for Linux, yep I would love that too, but this one is not just a little thing to release, in any case wether Adobe have planed to do that or not they had to update first the Linux Flash Player.


I’m excided about all releases, but I agree 64bit AIR and Linux AIR would be fantastic. The fact that that they are updating the player for Linux bodes well for the possibility of AIR on Linux.


AIR 64 for Mac is here for about a year but most of users, uses Windows and there is issues about can’t allocate more memory because of the 32 bits constraint.

For me AIR 64 bit for Windows would be the most significant improvement for now and then AIR for Linux.

Let’s see what 2017 reserves …


Yeah all agreeing here.

Now, it’s quite rare to have the need to go above the 2GB limit of memory for 1 app, and they are way to not have to use that much memory even for big things like big images etc.


I have an desktop App with some heavy reports that needs to allocate as much memory as possible. All rendered on client side.
For that answer, why do we have 64 bits anyway !?


Good question. Is it only for memory limits? Does it find references to objects faster? Just wondering… I am not a hardware guy :wink:


Will they ever support filters in GPU rendering on mobile? Does anyone know?