AIR and Flash Player 26 released


It’s June 13, 2017 and we have now reached v26.0

see the Release Notes for Flash Player® 26 AIR® 26

Announced on the Flash Runtime forum
6/13/2017 - Release - Flash Player 26

Features list:

  • Disabling Packaging of Shared Android Applications

    Starting with AIR 26, packaging of shared runtime applications for Android
    has been disabled. With this change, published applications will always have
    a captive copy of the runtime included in their installation package
    irrespective of the target the developer has selected (that is, apk or
    apk-captive-runtime). This change allows us to focus our testing and
    engineering on captive installations, by far the most popular option for Android.

  • Moving to WKWebView for StageWebView on iOS

  • D2D Vector Printing Support

  • DeviceRotation Event Handler for Mobile AIR

  • Stage3D Enhanced Profile

    With AIR 26, we are introducing a new stage3D profile “Enhanced” for AIR Mobile.
    This will be a new constant in Context3DProfile class. Availability of “enhanced”
    profile indicates the availability of AGAL4. The same profile name can be used in
    requestContext3D and requestContext3DMatchingProfiles methods of Stage3D.

    AGAL 4 introduces a new opcode “tld” and new Vertex Sampler register “vs” for
    fetching texture in a vertex shader. ‘tld’ is similar to ‘tex’ opcode used in the
    fragment shader. But unlike ‘tex’ opcode, ‘tld’ requires a level of detail ( LOD )
    value for parameter since GPU does not support the automatic calculation of LOD
    in the vertex shader.

  • Vertex Texture Fetch

    With the introduction of new Stage3D profile i.e. ‘ENHANCED’, Vertex Texture
    Fetch is now available in AIR mobile. Texture Data will be available in
    Vertex Shader using AGAL4 and Enhanced profile.

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