AIR and Flash Player 27 released


It’s September 12, 2017 and we have now reached v27.0

see the Release Notes for Flash Player® 27 AIR® 27

Not announced on the Flash Runtime forum (hence why a bit late to announce it here)
9/12/2017 - Release - AIR 27 Runtime and SDK (posted on the 18th)

Features list:

  • Support Audio Output Selection in Flash Player
  • Support ActionScript API for Audio Device Manager
    here a snippet (edited)
var adm:AudioDeviceManager = AudioDeviceManager.audioDeviceManager;
var devices:Array = adm.deviceNames;
var device:String = devices[adm.selectedDeviceIndex];
trace( "The default device is: " + device  );
trace( "You have " + devices.length + " device(s) available."  );
for( var i:uint = 0; i < devices.length; i++ ) 
    trace( "["+i+"] " + devices[i] );
  • Asynchronous texture upload for AIR Desktop

  • Enable DirectX 11 for AIR Windows

    AIR 26 and below used DirectX 9 for hardware accelerated rendering on Windows. Beginning with AIR 27.0, AIR will use DirectX 11 for the hardware accelerated rendering for Windows 8.0 and above.

    For Windows 7 and below, hardware accelerated content will continue to use DirectX 9.

  • macOS AIRSDK Upgrade

    From AIR 27, the AIR Runtime is built with the Mac 10.12 SDK. App Transport Security (ATS) introduced by Apple does not allow insecure connections between App and Web services. Because of this change, all the connections made to insecure web sites via Loader, URLLoader will discontinue and will not work due to App Transport Security.

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AIR and Flash Player 27 released again