AIR and Flash Player 28 released


On December 12, 2017 Flash and AIR v28.0 got released.

See the Release Notes for Flash Player® 28 and AIR® 28

The Flash Player release got announced here
12/12/2017 - Release - Flash Player 28
and another beta followed the next day
12/13/2017 - Beta - Flash

AIR not been announced but is available for download.


  • Android AIR Runtime Play Store Availability

    Adobe will be unpublishing the shared AIR Runtime from the Google Play Store for all devices running Android 4.0 or below on March 13th, 2018. AIR applications that require the shared runtime will not be able to be able to access the required download from the Play Store from these older systems. We recommend impacted developers convert and republish their applications to use the captive runtime before March 13th.

  • App Transport Security

    With macOS 10.11, Apple has introduced App Transport Security (ATS) which mandates that applications use secure network connections over HTTPS only. Because this is a significant change, Apple has provided applications an override via NSAllowsArbitraryLoads which will allow insecure connections.

    With AIR SDK 27, all AIR applications built for macOS will automatically have the NSAllowsArbitraryLoads key set as true in their info.plist file. This is a temporary solution. Apple may reject your application during the review process or disable the usage of NSAllowsArbitraryLoads in future OS updates. We recommend using secure network connections over HTTPS in your applications.

  • Android AIR Shared Runtime

    Starting with AIR 26, packaging of shared runtime applications for Android has been disabled. With this change, published applications will always have a captive copy of the runtime included in their installation package irrespective of the target the developer has selected (that is, apk or apk-captive-runtime). This change allows us to focus our testing and engineering on captive installations, by far the most popular option for Android.

Don’t ignore those, simply put use HTTPS and captive runtime everywhere.

Features list:

  • Resolution to Adobe AIR applications installation issues
    read the blog post Adobe AIR applications installation issue

    This technote addresses the installation issue of Adobe AIR applications after 30th Oct 2017 that is signed with SHA1 certificate. It is applicable to both Windows and Mac.

  • Swift based ANE Support in AIR (iOS/tvOS)

    Starting AIR 28, developers will be able to use Swift based ANE for iOS/tvOS. Developers can also use iOS/tvOS based Dynamic Frameworks while packaging the application for respective iOS/tvOS platforms. Dynamic Frameworks signing will be done while packaging the application.

  • iOS SDK Upgrade

    AIR Runtime is now built with iOS 11 SDK, which enables AIR developers to use ANEs built with iOS 11 APIs without using the –platformSDK switch while packaging with ADT. With iOS 11 SDK, Apple has mandated inclusion of a few icons in the application. Follow the steps below to incorporate them:

    Note: You need to have a Mac machine having Xcode 9.


    Note - If you are targeting iOS 11 as the minimum supported OS in the application descriptor, the generated IPA will be 64bit only.

  • Localization of permission purpose strings on iOS

  • Android SDK Upgrade

    Beginning AIR 28, Android SDK has been upgraded in the AIR Runtime.

  • Android TV Support

    With AIR 28, Android TV support for AIR Android applications comes with more stability and improvements.

  • Support for embed bitcode in iOS/tvOS

    ADT supports a new option -embedBitcode to add bitcode in your iOS and tvOS applications.

  • Apple TV support (Beta Quality)

    We have made some enhancements to tvOS support.

    see AIR 28 tvOS Release Notes

    • Apple TV Siri Remote support
    • StageText Support for Apple TV
    • ANE Support for Apple TV
    • Creating icons and images for Apple TV applications
    • Support for embed bitcode in Apple TV applications
    • Using Adobe Scout for Apple Tv
  • AIR Desktop - Audio Device Manager ActionScript API

    The Audio Device Manager ActionScript API was added in Flash Player 27. This functionality is now enabled in AIR starting from AIR 28 for Desktop only. This API provides the functionality of selecting audio output devices. AIR app developer should build their own UI to list the available audio devices in a system and select the device for playback.

  • AIR Desktop - Support for selection of GPU preference in multi-GPU system

    Till AIR 27, there was no option in AIR to set the preference for use of either of the GPU types. It uses the default GPU type as set by the OS: integrated GPU on Windows and the discrete GPU on Mac OS X.

    With AIR 28, developers can set a preference for the use of the specific GPU type, in the AIR application descriptor by adding the “< gpuPreference >” element in the application descriptor …

Fixed Issues

Flash Player

  • [Mac] Flash Player NCP is not launched from system preferences when NPAPI Flash Player is installed
  • [Windows] Playback issues are observed while playing the DRM content on Chrome.
  • Memory leak is observed when running a Stage3D application using Baseline_Constrained profile (FP-4198562)
  • File upload dialog becomes unresponsive on Chrome when using the Scratch editor (FP-4198254)
  • The volume slider is not visible while playing the video from!content/74336/CHUD-2-Bud-The-Chud in fullscreen mode.


  • AIR runtime quits unexpectedly after graphics.readGraphicsData is called. (AIR-4198466)
  • Initiating multiple workers simultaneously causes the application to quit unexpectedly. (AIR-4198267)
  • Anti-aliasing on retina OS X desktop display fails/degrades when Context3D backBuffer is set to 1024x768 or greater. (AIR-4198319)
  • [Android] KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN dispatched twice for NEXT button (AIR-4198503)
  • [iOS]Artifacts are observed when child Sprite is near bottom of screen (AIR-4198445)
  • [iOS] ADT to correctly sign dynamic frameworks included packaged with iOS app (AIR-4198407)
  • [iOS] ADT to correctly sign dynamic frameworks (AIR-4198408)
  • [IOS] AIR 23 and newer: Compilation failed while executing: compile-abc - Class (…) could not be found. (AIR-4198225)
  • [iOS] StageWebView does not load nor display local HTML content (AIR-4198420)
  • Improving capabilities.language behavior for Android and iOS
  • [iOS] Launch image issues on iPad Pro
  • [Android] Error #3672: Buffer creation failed when using drawToBitmapData (Context3D) while using VideoTexture (AIR-4198290)
  • [Android] No data from “android.intent.action.SEND” Intent on Android (AIR-4197491)
  • Rotate Image Camera IMAGE Mobile Android/IOS (AIR-4167837)
  • [iOS] Interfaces don’t function on iOS when shared between swf’s (AIR-4194914)
  • [iOS] Apps created using Flex in AOT mode crashes (AIR-4198266)
  • [iOS] Missing entry for IpadPro10.5Inch - therefore incorrect screen size returned (AIR-4198511)

Again, super great job from the Adobe Team :slight_smile:

and here the usual links

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