AIR and Flash Player 29 released


On March 13, 2018 Flash and AIR v29.0 got released.

See the Release Notes for Flash Player® 29 and AIR® 29 (pase is missing for now)

Features list:

  • New SoftKeyboard Types for Android & iOS

  • Geolocation Permission on iOS

  • Media AutoPlay for Android and iOS

  • Android SDK Upgrade

    With AIR 29, Android SDK has been upgraded in the AIR Runtime. Here is the list of version numbers of the tools upgraded in AIR 29. There have been significant changes in the tools used to build the runtime. Raise your issues on AIR user forums if you observe any performance or functional issues.

  • Combined Windows 32-bit and 64-bit AIR SDK

    With AIR 29 onwards, a combined AIR SDK for packaging 32-bit and 64-bit captive AIR applications is now available for Windows.

  • Enhanced Profile on AIR Desktop

  • Vertex Texture Fetch on AIR Desktop

  • Application of HIDPI Scaling to non-client areas

  • AIR Desktop - Ability to disable/enable vsync on the fly

  • AIR Desktop-Increase GPU memory Limits

  • AIR Desktop-Increase in Texture Limit (Beta Only)

Fixed Issues

Flash Player

  • Flash Player settings panel become unresponsive when hardware acceleration is turned off on Firefox.
  • Flash Player quit unexpectedly when “by.blooddy.crypto.Base64” class try to decode BASE64. (FP-4198772)
  • Flash Player Protected mode + Async drawing on Firefox causes the font color to be inverted
  • SecureSocket and RTMPS with OpenSSL is not sending “server_name” SNI headers.
  • Flash Player will not connect via SecureSocket to a server running only TLS1.2.


  • AIR apps quit unexpectedly when byte array is attached to domainMemory (AIR-4198585)
  • Flash Builder quits unexpectedly on High Sierra when “Export release build” is selected from the Project menu (Updated BLOG)
  • clipboard.dataForFormat returns null for Custom data in the Clipboard (AIR-4198553).
  • Wireframe feature not working on Directx11 (AIR-4198597)
  • Screen turns half black when iOS goes into standby and user resume again for IOS 10+ (AIR-4198539)
  • Bluetooth Headset not working with microphone.getEnhancedMicrophone() on iOS (AIR-4198549)
  • [Android] Incomplete textures are rendered when uploading large textures. (AIR-4198475)
  • Unexpected margin at the top of StageWebView on iOS 11 (AIR-4198537)
  • InvokeEvent.arguments is empty on Android (AIR-4198552)
  • Delay in dispatching TOUCH events on device borders on iOS 11 (AIR-4198551)
  • StageWebView does not load nor display local HTML content (AIR-4198420)
  • Status bar appears when app is in fullscreen and showing soft keyboard on Samsung devices (4189175)
  • Audio stops playing on interruption when SoundMixer.audioPlaybackMode = AudioPlaybackMode.VOICE and SoundMixer.useSpeakerphoneForVoice = false (4189377)
  • NetworkInfo.isSupported returns TRUE on Android even when permissions are missing in application descriptor (AIR-4198485)
  • Stage shift offset error on StageText focus when status bar is hidden on Samsung S8 (AIR-4198421)
  • [iOS] iOS StageWebView viewPort incorrect (y axis shift) (AIR-4198583)

Again, kudos to the Adobe Team :slight_smile:

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