AIR and Flash Player 32 released


On December 11, 2018 Flash and AIR v32.0 have been released.

See the Release Notes for Flash Player® 32 and AIR® 32


Mac NPAPI Sandbox - Mozilla Firefox

The Mac NPAPI Flash sandbox is enabled by default on Firefox 62 and later.

Disabling the sandbox requires using about:config to set “dom.ipc.plugins.sandbox-level.flash” to 0 and then restarting the browser. The sandbox is known to prevent the following features from working:

  • Print to PDF from the Flash print dialog
  • Print to “Open in Preview” from the Flash print dialog
  • Quicklook in the File->Open dialog
  • Saving files to the filesystem from a Flash applet
  • Flash applets downloading and running the Adobe Air installer
  • Flash triggering Adobe Air applications to run

Android AIR Runtime Play Store Availability

Adobe is unpublishing the shared AIR Runtime from the Google Play Store on September 11th, 2018. AIR applications that require the shared runtime will no longer be able to be able to access the required download from the Google Play Store. Adobe has not supported shared runtime packaging since AIR 26, and the vast majority of developers will not be impacted by this change. For those that still need access to the shared runtime APK, please see the Adobe AIR archive to download the appropriate version.

App Transport Security

With macOS 10.11, Apple has introduced App Transport Security (ATS) which mandates that applications use secure network connections over HTTPS only. Because this is a significant change, Apple has provided applications an override via NSAllowsArbitraryLoads which will allow insecure connections.

With AIR SDK 27, all AIR applications built for macOS will automatically have the NSAllowsArbitraryLoads key set as true in their info.plist file. This is a temporary solution. Apple may reject your application during the review process or disable the usage of NSAllowsArbitraryLoads in future OS updates. We recommend using secure network connections over HTTPS in your applications.

AIR tvOS Support Moved to Labs

To help focus our testing on the most popular platforms, we’ve decided to move tvOS support back to the AIR beta channel. The functionality remains the same and developers can download the latest SDK over at

Flash Player “Click to Play” Microsoft Office Support

Starting with Flash Player 30, existing “click to play” functionality for Microsoft Office version 2007 and earlier now applies to all Microsoft Office versions where Flash is allowed to run.

New Features

  • iOS SDK Upgrade
    AIR Runtime is now built with iOS 12 SDK, which enables AIR developers to use ANEs built with iOS 12 APIs without using the –platformSDK switch while packaging with ADT.

    To use existing ANEs built with earlier iOS version:

    1. Apple has removed support for libstdc++ from Xcode10 (iOS12).
      All the native static libraries used in ANE, which are built with libstdc++
      will not work with the latest AIR SDK.
      It will throw the below error.
      The static library has to be rebuilt with Xcode 10 and repackaged.
      Error : ld: library not found for -lstdc++
      ld: library not found for -lstdc++
      Compilation failed while executing : ld64

    2. We have updated some of the symbols in the stub files generated,
      which are in accordance with Apple’s changes.
      If you see below error during packaging ipa with ANE, repackage the ANE with the latest AIR SDK.
      Error: Undefined symbols for architecture armv7/arm64
      If we are using -platformsdk, we need to replace the ld
      from /Applications/
      to /AIRSDK/lib/aot/bin/ld64/ld64
      and rename it to ld64.

    While using -platformsdk, developers must specify the iphoneOS version number 12.0
    in the path to avoid any unintended behavior.
    For example,

  • Geolocation Enhancement in iOS Applications
    Until AIR SDK 31, when an application runs in the background, access to geolocation services is paused after some time. This is as designed behavior implemented by Apple. When the services are paused it is the user’s responsibility to enable the geolocation services by re-launching the application.

  • Launch images for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR
    With AIR SDK version 32, support of launch images for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR is added.

  • Addition of property cpuAddressSize in Capabilities class
    Starting AIR and Flash Player version 32, a new property cpuAddressSize is added to flash.system.Capabilities class. The cpuAddressSize specifies whether the Flash Player instance or an AIR application running on the system is 32-bit or 64-bit. This read only property returns value 32 or 64 for 32-bit and 64 for 64-bit applications respectively.

Fixed Issues

Flash Player

  • Assorted security and functional fixes


  • AIRClient (AIR Android) fails to make rtmps connection with the server if TLS 1.0 is disabled on the server (FLASH-4190642)
  • Launch Image name mapping for iPhone XS and iPhone XR (FLASH-4190711)
  • Installing on latest iOS devices through ADT fails (XS, XS max) (AIR-4198748)
  • Sound: Custom sampling with shared sound source creates crackling artifacts (AIR-4198737)
  • Multi-touch in Win10 experiencing performance hit (FLASH-4085538)
  • [iOS 12]Keyboard isn’t coming at its default position when packed using platformsdk option (FLASH-4190759)
  • AIR application quits unexpectedly when playing video loops for many hours (FLASH-4190569)
  • App quits unexpectedly when Scout is connected (AIR-4198756)

Thanks to the Adobe Team :slight_smile:

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On April 9, 2019 Flash and AIR v32.0 have been updated.

Flash Player (Win, Mac, Linux)
AIR Runtime

see Release Notes for Flash Player® 32 and AIR® 32

Fixed Issues

Flash Player

  • Assorted security and functional fixes


  • Swift 4.2 dylibs are getting incorrectly signed (AIR-4198777)
  • iOS app crashes if a NetStream is referenced by a class variable when app is brought to foreground (AIR-4198784)
  • Add launch images for 2018 models of iPad Pro 11" and 12.9" (AIR-4198773)
  • SecureSocket can’t connect when hostname only matches Subject Alternative Names (AIR-4198762)
  • TouchEvent systems stops sending TOUCH_END events to air app on iPhoneX (AIR-4198768)
  • iOS AIR Application produces error with new LD upgrade (FLASH-4190918)
  • iOS SDK version warning on submitting air apps to app store (AIR-4198787)


On April 25, 2019 AIR Runtime v32.0 have been updated.

AIR Runtime

see Archived Adobe AIR SDK versions

see AIR 32 runtime - Desktop video failing 100%

We’re doing a few things to resolve this bug. First we’ve stopped the auto update of the shared runtime, so users will no longer be pushed a release that breaks video. Next week we hope to release another shared runtime that will revert our video changes. Auto update will be turned back on at this time so that everyone gets a shared runtime with working video.

We will also release a new AIR beta (runtime and sdk), with the actual video changes we wanted in place to begin with. This beta will leverage the OS api’s for video rendering in a new accelerated video pipeline. We were shooting for next week for the beta, but with the revert and unscheduled runtime rebuild, it’ll probably be the week after next.


On June 11, 2019 Flash Player v32.0 updated

Flash Player (Win, Mac, Linux)
security update related to APSB19-30