AIR and Flash Player Beta 24


Last Updated: October 28, 2016

code named VanNess

new features are unknown yet as the release note file is missing

should be resolved in a jiffy :slight_smile: … and it has, oh my… you gonna love those new features :smile:

New and updated features

  • Apple TV support
    “most of the existing content in your AIR application should work seamlessly on tvOS”
    oh yeah :slight_smile: , min requirement is tvOS v9.2+ and Apple TV 4th+ generation
  • Apple TV Siri Remote support
    fantastic :smile:
  • Creating icons and images for Apple TV applications
    even better, there are still some issues and quirks (com’on it’s a beta)
    but definitively worth to investigate as dual app Android TV / Apple TV could be big
  • Android SDK Upgrade
    yep again but very good reasons to do so see bellow
  • Permissions on Android and iOS
    oh yeah I was not even hoping for this one but they added it, kudos to Adobe :slight_smile:
    so basically the way permissions work in Android 6.0 have changed, but now in AS3 you can do
    something like that Camera.permissionStatus != PermissionStatus.GRANTED
    which is imho perfect to deal with that kind of problem and they made it also compatible with iOS
  • Custom fonts support for StageText on iOS and Android
  • Asynchronous texture upload for mobile
  • Anti-Aliasing using configureBackBuffer() on iOS
  • Improved support for high resolution displays on Firefox for Windows
  • Separate HTTP and HTTPS permissions for Camera and Microphone
  • Flash Player PPAPI & NPAPI for Linux

wow this beta release is packed with goodness :smile:

AR / VR things in AIR AS3 ? any road maps anyone knows?

apparently AIR 24 beta contains the bits to work with Apple tvOS


Does the download links work for you?

At this moment the AIR SDK for OSX link is downloading the AIR 23 SDK.


I didn’t tried to download it yet, if it’s still the wrong file maybe signal it to adobe on their forum so they know about it


updated the 4th November 2016

even more features

  • Swipe Velocity for Android and iOS
  • Spherical video support in Flash and AIR
    if you don’t know what is spherical video check out
    Youtube Creator Academy Introduction to 360-degree video and virtual reality
  • Instanced Drawing on AIR Desktop ( BETA only)

    Instanced drawing feature which was available for AIR Mobile is now available in AIR Desktop. This feature helps developers to use a model of graphical object and render it multiple times in a single frame. This reduces draw calls and hence rendering and overall performance is smoother.

and the rest is known and fixed issues, check the release notes for more details


Another round of awesome goodies for AS3 devs! I will by buing AppleTV this Christmas for sure! Well done Adobe. Respect…


updated the 11th November 2016

yep more features

  • StageText Support for Apple TV
  • ANE Support for Apple TV
    new target is “appleTV-ARM

also missed to mention about the “Flash Player PPAPI & NPAPI for Linux”
is this part

With this Beta we are providing Standalone content Debugger for Linux 64bit.

which means that projectors for Linux are then available too :slight_smile:


We talked about that recently! Remember? :wink:
Now we are waiting for ExtendedDesktop… I guess :wink:


updated the 23 November 2016

and guess what ? yep even more features :smile:

  • Apple TV support make it to the AIR Beta Channel
  • Support for Android App Links

for Apple TV support see the download page

AIR 24 SDK & Compiler Beta - Apple TV Only (
The following downloads provide the AIR 24 SDK & Compiler beta archives with support for tvOS on Mac and Windows operating systems. With this beta of the AIR SDK & Compiler, you are allowed to test captive runtime versions of your AIR applications for AppleTV.

and there you can see a special link for the
Apple TV Beta Release Notes (PDF)