AIR and Flash Player Beta 28


Last Updated: Nov 09, 2017

code named Atka

here the release notes

the title indicate

Welcome to Adobe® Flash® Player 28 and Adobe AIR 27!

so yeah AIR is still considered v27, but I guess it will move soon to v28

here few details

Known Issues

Flash Player

  • [Mac] Flash Player NCP is not launched from system preferences when NPAPI Flash Player is installed
  • [Windows]Playback issues are observed while playing the DRM content on Chrome.


  • Application blinks when switched to the full-screen mode for Windows 8 and above.(AIR-4198437, AIR-4198443)
  • [iOS] Installation of AIR applications on iOS 11 using ADT on Windows fails.

Fixed Issues

Flash Player

  • Memory leak is observed when running a Stage3D application using Baseline_Constrained profile(FP-4198562)
  • File upload dialog becomes unresponsive on Chrome when using the Scratch editor (FP-4198254)


  • Video Texture keeps accessing camera even after being disposed.(AIR-4198123)
  • [iOS ] TextField Input position is largely deviated (AIR-4198324)
  • [iOS] AIR app rotation broken on iOS Beta 3 when using -platformSDK (AIR-4198406)
  • [Android] Bug fixes related to Secure Socket on Android for TLS protocol.
  • [Android] no-version-vectors flag has been added to aapt tool

You Should TEST on Real Targets

updated: Nov 16, 2017
and now we got an AIR 28 beta :slight_smile:

check the new release notes

looky the new features

  • Swift based ANE Support in AIR (iOS/tvOS)

    Starting AIR 28, developers will be able to use Swift based ANE for iOS/tvOS. Developers can also use iOS/tvOS based Dynamic Frameworks
    while packaging the application for respective iOS/tvOS platforms. Dynamic Frameworks signing will be done while packaging the application.

  • iOS SDK Upgrade

    AIR Runtime is now built with iOS 11 SDK, which enables AIR developers to use ANEs built with iOS 11 APIs without using the –platformSDK
    switch while packaging with ADT. With iOS 11 SDK, Apple has mandated inclusion of a few icons in the application

  • Localization of permission purpose strings on iOS

    Starting AIR 28, developers can provide localized purpose strings for the permissions required in the application. Developers are required to
    package an xml file called purposeStrings.xml in the application.

  • Android SDK Upgrade

    Beginning AIR 28, Android SDK has been upgraded in the AIR Runtime. Here is the list of version numbers of the tools upgraded in AIR 28.
    There have been significant changes in the tools used to build the runtime. Raise your issues on AIR user forums if you observe any performance
    or functional issues.

  • Android TV Support

    With AIR 28, Android TV support for AIR Android applications comes with more stability and improvements.
    Developers can develop captive runtime applications that are also compatible with Android TV. Use swf-version 31 or greater and namespace
    20.0 or greater to access this feature. The two tags mentioned below needtobeadded in the app.xml file to support Android TV applications.

  • Support for embed bitcode in iOS/tvOS

    ADT supports a new option -embedBitcode to add bitcode in your iOS and tvOS applications.

  • Apple TV support (Beta Quality)

    We have made some enhancements to tvOS support. For more information, see the Release Notes specific to this feature. AIR Runtime is now
    builtwithtvOS 11 SDK, which enables AIR developers to use ANEs builtwithtvOS 11 APIs without using the –platformSDK switch of ADT.

  • AIR Desktop - Audio Device Manager ActionScript API

    The Audio Device Manager ActionScript API was added in Flash Player 27. This functionality is now enabled in AIR starting from AIR 28 for
    Desktop only. This API provides the functionality of selecting audio output devices. AIR app developer should build their own UI to list the
    available audio devices in a system and select the device for playback.

  • AIR Desktop- Support for selection of GPU preference in multi-GPU system

    Till AIR 27, there was no option in AIR to set the preference for use of either of the GPU types. It uses the default GPU type as set by the OS:
    integrated GPU on Windows and the discrete GPU on Mac OS X.

Known Issues

Flash Player


  • Flash Builder quits unexpectedly on High Sierra when “Export release build” is selected from the Project menu.
  • GESTURE_PAN event is not triggered on Mac
  • Some rendering issues related to direct render mode are known for e.g. BitmapData, CacheAsBitmap, cacheAsBitmapMatrix, Perspectiv
    eTransform and related areas.
  • [Android] Stage shift offset error on StageText focus (AIR-4198421)
  • [Android] Banner.png is missing from apk packaged for Android TV
  • [Android] Camera miniature display at top-left corner when StageVideo video playback (AIR-4130641)

Fixed Issues

Flash Player

  • [Mac] Flash Player NCP is not launched from system preferences when NPAPI Flash Player is installed


  • AIR runtime quits unexpectedly after graphics.readGraphicsData when graphics.readGraphicsData is called.(AIR-4198466)
  • Initiating multiple workers simultaneously causes the application to quit unexpectedly.(AIR-4198267)
  • Anti-aliasing on retina OS X desktop display fails/degrades when Context3D backBuffer is set to 1024x768 or greater.(AIR-4198319)
  • Bitmap glitches are observed while drawing pixels(AIR-4198453)
  • [iOS] Artifacts are observed when child Sprite is near bottom of screen (AIR-4198445)
  • [iOS] ADT to correctly sign dynamic frameworks included packaged with iOS app (AIR-4198407)
  • [iOS] ADT to correctly sign dynamic frameworks (AIR-4198408)
  • [IOS] AIR 23 and newer: Compilation failed while executing : compile-abc - Class (…) could not be found. (AIR-4198225)
  • [iOS] StageWebView does not load nor display local HTML content (AIR-4198420)
  • Improving capabilities.language behavior for Android and iOS
  • [iOS] Launch image issues on iPad Pro
  • [Android] Error #3672: Buffer creation failed when using drawToBitmapData (Context3D) while using VideoTexture (AIR-4198290)
  • [Android] No data from “android.intent.action.SEND” Intent on Android (AIR-4197491)
  • Rotate Image Camera IMAGE Mobile Android/IOS (AIR-4167837)
  • [iOS] Interfaces don’t function on iOS when shared between swf’s (AIR-4194914)
  • [iOS] Apps created using Flex in AOT mode crashes (AIR-4198266)

Again kudos to Adobe AIR team for bringing tons of features and fixes


They also updated the 64 bit AIR 28 SDK & Compiler Beta :slight_smile:


Yep good catch, I had completely missed it

a lor of issues fixed, and saddly some known issues still left with a few blockers


Update Nov 23, 2017


Known Issues

  • N/A

Fixed Issues

  • [Windows] Playback issues are observed while playing the DRM content on Chrome.


Known Issues

  • [iOS] Missing entry for IpadPro10.5Inch - therefore incorrect screen size returned (AIR-4198511)

Fixed Issues

  • [Android] KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN dispatched twice for NEXT button (AIR-4198503)