AIR and TestFlight

Hello there.
I have been asked to implement TestFlight in as iOS app.
I can’t find any recent information about this, any suggestion about potential pitfalls doing this in AIR?
Thank you!

from this blog post
Enabling TestFlight testing in iTunes Connect for Adobe AIR apps

you need to add the key beta-reports-active to your -app.xml




also on the Adobe page
you could find a “Beta testing” to download from the gaming SDK
where it says

Solid, on-the-fly beta testing. Iterate faster with TestFlight integration.

which lead to that Adobe blog post (dated 15 July 2013)
Using the Beta Testing Adobe AIR native extension to test iOS games and apps

which has a link to

Long story short,
before: TestFlight was independent of Apple and so needed an ANE,
after: TestFlight was bought by Apple and is now integrated, not need of an ANE anymore

Only things you need id the key in the entitlement
see also this Adobe forums post Test Flight Newbie Question

where it mentions

And FYI, you must remove this line from the file to debug your app on your devices, or Animate won’t compile your IPA anymore (you’ll see an application package validation error).

which might still be a bug, I don’t know I don’t really use Animate CC

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Thank you Zwetan, you are a saint.
Have you used it recently?

We use TestFlight daily, you definitely should make it part of your development process.

It’s not quite up to the beta/alpha release process on Android, but it is an essential part of app testing on iOS, basically the only way to test a complete release build.

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TestFlight implemented. Works beautifully.

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