AIR/Flex + MXML tutorial

Does anybody know a good tutorial for AIR/FLEX SDK plus (especially) MXML?

The best would be with intelliJ IDE.

I already did the research but didn’t find some good ones.
Just got the ADOBE Flex documentation.

May I ask what you are working on? Maybe Apache Royal is a better option or maybe pure as3 project

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Thank you.

I am supporting existing mobile and dektop applications which are learning-app for students who are practicing for their driving license.

What are the benefits of Apache Royal instead of Apache Flex?

The only benefit I can think of is that it runs in the browser. And you can code in Action Scrip though it is not production ready and you might have to tweek the soure code etc. So in browser is not required then Flex MXML is very productive. I use to hate it but after 4 years of working on the same project I see the benefits