Air for Desktop (publishing to the Mac App Store) - is it possible?


Hi folks,
Has anyone in the last 6 months (or ever) published an Air for Desktop app to the Mac Appstore?

I noticed that Apple are now allowing us to make macOS Certs in the Developer portal. There used to be a separate annual license for macOS, but now it’s included.

I would like to publish some of my iOS apps to desktop, and would first like to target the Mac Appstore. I set up an app on App Store Connect and the process is nearly identical to the iOS portal. Screenshots need to be 1920x1080.

But I have 2 main hurdles to publish an app:

  1. The icons in the Desktop settings are years out of date! 128 is the largest, which is tiny in this day and age. It needs to be up to 1024 pixels.

  2. What is the process of Signing the Certificate?

I downloaded various Developer and Distribution Certs from Apple and made a .p12 in Keychain Access.

I wasn’t sure whether to right click on the certificate or just the private key to export to p12?

I tried adding the p12 in the Air settings but I got the Air popup error.

Unable to build a valid certificate chain from the signer

I guess it needs to be properly ‘signed’ in an extra step.

I’m using a Mac with Adobe Animate Is there a way of code-signing this for free? And without using Terminal? I’m a designer and have no idea how to use it!

I’ve heard that maybe this can be done in a browser (export a certificate)…

Any help welcome!

p.s I had more pics of the process, but as I’m a new user I could only post 1…



You are going to have to use Terminal for some parts.

Someone on the adobe forum put together a step-by-step guide


you will need to replace the .icns in your automated build etc.

for certs, which one to export etc.


Thanks for the link Zwetan,
But first know that I’m not too technical. Does Xcode need to be used?

Have you or anyone else published from Animate? Is the final cert that you link a .p12?

I think I tried adding bigger icons to the package in the portal but they were rejected.


Thanks very much - I hope I can manage it!


Found this thread as I was googling for a solution to the same issue. I have an ongoing discussion on the Adobe forums regarding successfully signing a macOS Adobe AIR (31/32) app and getting it notarized by Apple: I’ve also submitted a ticket to Apple Dev support.

My main hurdle is that when I use the “codesign” tool with “–options runtime” as argument, to make the main app executable hardened (as per Apple’s requirements, the app will crash on startup, throwing an “Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (Code Signature Invalid)” with “Termination Reason: Namespace CODESIGNING, Code 0x2”

I can successfully get this app notarized, but that’s not much use if it crashes on startup. If I sign the app without “–optons runtime”, GateKeeper will accept it, and the app functions normally, but notarization fails because the main exec isn’t hardened.

This happens even with the simplest hello-world example. I’m using IntelliJ IDEA to generate a code-cert signed .app file (captive runtime bundle) before fixing icons, removing DRM and applying the Apple Developer ID signing.

Would love to hear what steps you guys used to get a successfully signed and notarized MacOS AIR app. My next tries is downgrading to an older version of AIR as well as trying to export from FB instead of IntelliJ.


Any progress on this? Did you give up?


not really cool as an approach to ask someone about progress