AIR Roadmap Update


While the official death of Flash been announced in the browsers,
Adobe also posted in the AIR Development forum

AIR Roadmap Update by chris.campbell on Jul 25, 2017 9:08 AM

Hello AIR developers,

With the news today regarding Flash Player, I’m sure many of you have questions regarding AIR and its future roadmap. Let me start by saying that today’s announcement was not about AIR, and instead focuses entirely on Flash Player and the browser plugin environment. Adobe remains committed to AIR and we believe it continues to be a great desktop and mobile development platform.

Many of you have asked for a roadmap update. We hope to have our official Flash Runtime roadmap updated soon, but until then I wanted to share some of the features we’d like to accomplish in our upcoming releases. As always, this list may change as we receive feedback from the community.

  • Support for 64-bit AIR – Windows Captive Only
  • AIR SDK installer on Windows
  • Desktop async texture upload
  • DirectX11 support for AIR desktop
  • Increase the GPU memory texture limit
  • Improved monitor and resolution settings for AIR Desktop
  • GPU render mode for AIR Desktop
  • Support for the latest SDK on iOS 11 and Android O
  • ASTC Support for mobile
  • VR/AR support for AIR apps
  • ANE support for Swift on iOS
  • METAL bindings for Stage3D
  • Motion detection for Android devices

We’ve also been following a feature request thread on the Starling forums. We wanted to get your feedback on some of the items outlined by the community. If you’d like to provide additional input, please take a minute and take this three question survey so we can better understand what folks would like to see in future releases.

Community AIR Feature Requests Survey

While it is very clearly stated

Let me start by saying that today’s announcement was not about AIR, and instead focuses entirely on Flash Player and the browser plugin environment. Adobe remains committed to AIR and we believe it continues to be a great desktop and mobile development platform.

I can guarantee you that right now people are singing “AIR is dead” and “AS3 is dead”, well… because they were already singing “Flash is dead” for the last 6 years or so …

Don’t fall for that, AIR is not dead and its death is not planed either;
If you are in the shoes of Adobe and decide to announce that Flash will be dead in 2020,
and if you also plan to also kill Adobe AIR, now would be the right time to announce it,
if you don’t announce it at the same time, well… that does indeed mean the opposite.

We can already see a little listing of what is planed, accompanied by a survey.
And now let’s wait and see how Adobe plan to update the official Flash Runtime roadmap.

As I previously commented before, as an AS3 dev, you don’t really care that much about the announced Flash death of 2020, in fact you can even see that as an opportunity to move your online apps and games outside of the browser and by such provide a much better experience with Adobe AIR.

Flash did provide a hell lot of functionalities packed into a plugin, but let’s face it, it’s the browser who was dragging down the Flash tech, not the other way around.

It is mainly sad for the currently existing tons of SWF content on the web.
I’m curious to see how Adobe will handle the Flash plugin within Adobe AIR.

Is Adobe AIR still good option for mobile?

Yes, this! Totally agree!
I’ve been watching this “flash hate” thing almost obsessively, and Adobe has fought pretty hard for the plugin (from what I’ve seen/read). I think this all is really bad for the web in general, but probably good for AIR because this gives them more resources.
It’s really interesting, the amount of games that have switched to download only once browsers started this bullying. Standards have been way to slow, and I don’t see much changing in the next 3 years.
I am so happy to hear them say that about AIR, but it should be expected. You might be able to control/gentrify the web, but downloadable content is another story. I hope it stays that way.
I really hope the Animate team continues to support it, because that’s what I use, although that concern wouldn’t be giving them enough credit. They’ve been very loyal in maintaining the AS3 part of it.


Whoa, VR/AR support is huge news for me!


Oh … and SWIFT ANE too


It’ll be cool to see how the official support for Swift in ANEs turns out.
It is already possible! I ported a version earlier this year for anyone curious.
I’m in the middle of using it to code a Google Maps ANE.


a little update

from this question in the forum

Born2code Aug 30, 2017 6:41 AM

Hi Chris,
Any news on when we can expect the AIR road map and X number of years commitments from Adobe to the platform?

regards and thanks as always,


here the Adobe answer

chris.campbell Aug 30, 2017 10:45 AM

We’re still planning on updating the road map, but given the changes since this was originally created we’re going to simplify and rewrite much of it. We also hope to incorporate feedback from the survey results that we’ve received so far. It’s still on my list to do and others have already started the process internally.

As for number of years of commitment, I’m afraid I may not be able to help there. Flash Player was a very special case in my experience, with a specific EOL date and a long 3 1/2 year commitment. In my 20+ years at Adobe, I can’t think of any applications that I’ve worked on that had that type of public ramp down. Many of the apps that I’ve worked on are still going strong (I started with Photoshop 3.0.5), but as with this industry, others have ended as business, market and customer changes dictated.

That said, we have no plans to shut down AIR at this point and our team is acutely aware of the dependencies that our development customers have on us for support. We know that many of you are working on applications which you expect to support for multiple years, and you need a runtime that is compatible with the latest OS updates, bug fixes, etc. We will continue to advocate for you and our priorities remain: Security, fix critical customer issues, maintain compatibility, improve quality and performance, and add community requested features.


So yeah it’s a pretty clear answer, asking for “years of commitment” is ridiculous in my opinion, not a single software company would do that, and in fact none are doing it for any of their softwares, do you see “years of commitment” from Google about gmail ? nope, do you see “years of commitment” from Microsoft about MS Office ? nope, etc.

I don’t see what people could ask more from an answer that state clearly “we have no plans to shut down AIR”.

As a software dev the same way I would refuse to change the tech I use, I would also refuse to state “years of commitment”, really some people should get a grip.

About EOL stuff

It’s really cool to hear this from them!
I can understand people’s concerns tho. They had been saying this about the Flash Player up until recent, although I think that was too much out of their control because of browsers.
I’m more inclined to believe this about AIR because this is all theirs (don’t rely on cooperation from things like browsers).
This platform is a unique case because of how heavily attacked it was. I mean, it was basically targeted for death, ranging from browsers to bad click bait journalism. I don’t think there is any other platform that is saturated with so much misinformation, and prejudice.
A lot of the worst stuff on that forum echoes sentiments of people from conventions (other devs) that want me to “see the light” and stop using AS3/Flash. I’m really not looking forward to this next festival run, lol I think we need a support group xD

However, I am much more hopeful for AIR.
It’s funny, you know when they rebranded Animate a lot of the same journalists wrote about it like it’s a new tool. People where even telling me that I should start using it (lol, I was).
It showed that they really didn’t know anything about the program they where hating/writing about (had never used it).
Sometimes I wonder if they did this (rebrand) with Flash/AS3/AIR, to what extent it would make a difference.
On the other hand, maybe now that all things with the word “Flash” in them are gone, we can finally do awesome stuff in peace. :smiley: