AIR SDK release

Last Updated: Oct 8, 2019

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With our latest updates, we are supporting new Java 8 language features in ANEs which has meant an update to the Java libraries used during the packaging process; this has meant that Java 7 can no longer be used for ADT, which has a knock-on effect for those still using 1024-bit RSA keys… we are aiming to address this shortly. The other main update we’d like to make on Android is to support the Android App Bundle format, which would make things simpler for developers to upload their applications to the Play Store.

We’re looking to bring support in for other platforms soon, but there is a short-term requirement to ensure that the existing SDK will actually run on MacOS 15.10 (Catalina) - with version we still have a 32-bit binary file used in the packaging process on MacOS. We hope to have an update for that in the very near future.

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3.1.2 Build Tools

A further update has been made to use the d8 tool rather than dx, so that Android ANEs can make use of Java 8 language features. Note that a minimum target SDK version of 26 is required in order to support these.

Please note the requirement for Java 8 due to the dependency upon Android build tools. Flash Builder users need to update the JRE embedded within this tool, see 4.3. There is a plan to include a mechanism for supporting Java 7 as well – but in these builds the Java 8 language features would be disabled.

A 64-bit version of the ADB executable for Windows has been included in the relevant packages
(bin\adb64.exe) which will use the 64-bit AIR runtime from the SDK in order to provide debugging support for 64-bit AIR apps.

The IPA tool has been updated so that it can connect to and deploy applications onto devices running iOS/iPadOS version 13 (Gamua-112).


3.1.3 Features

AIR-173: Version/ABI information being output to the Android logcat upon start-up
AIR-199: Adding support for Java 8 features for Android extensions (Gamua-84)
AIR-211: New ”-license” option within ADT so that users can check their license status


3.1.4 Bug Fixes

AIR-205: Ensuring multidex support works for older Android devices (Gamua-102)
AIR-206: Fixing nanojit bug that was causing a crash with illegal opcode
AIR-221: Ensuring we use ‘/’ notation for package/class to avoid crash-on-start-up problems on some devices (Gamua-117)
AIR-231: Fixing crash in ADT if the license file has expired and improving the license check process
AIR-236: Improvements in stability within the JIT compiler for armv8
AIR-246: Fixing StringOutOfBounds exception in getHardwareInfo
AIR-249: Fixing crash in Android audio loop creation due to race condition
AIR-251: Fixing crash in sha1_block_data_order by updating openssl for armv8


3.2 Known Problems

AIR-168: AIR content goes all white/blank after AR camera closes (Gamua-67)
AIR-183: ANRs caused by inputs not finishing processing in time (Gamua-29)
AIR-182: Wrong resolution reported on S10 handsets [closing – cannot reproduce]
AIR-197: Youtube videos only play audio when running in Android Webview [closed – needs hardware acceleration to be specified within the manifest file and then it works]