AIR SDK release

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2019

see the release notes

some highlight points

3.1.3 Features

AIR-250: Ensuring that ADT can still work with Java 7 runtime (as long as minSdkVersion < 26)


3.1.4 Bug Fixes

AIR-135: Fixing crash in bitmap rendering following corrupt bitmap handling
AIR-262: Crash in ARMv7 when rendering a bitmap, background thread calls null function pointer


3.2 Known Problems

AIR-137: Crash in AIR runtime during requestPermission call (reproduced c. 1 in 20 attempts)
AIR-168: AIR content goes all white/blank after AR camera closes (Gamua-67)
AIR-183: ANRs caused by inputs not finishing processing in time (Gamua-29)
AIR-263: iIPA process cannot uninstall an application from iOS13

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