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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2020

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Release 33.1 includes support for the major platforms including Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. There are some limitations still particularly around tvOS which is not yet supported properly, and there will be future releases to address some of these issues.

This release of the SDK is based upon the recent beta versions and fixes a number of issues that had been found during the beta programme. When compared against version 33.0 of the SDK, there are some feature updates, particularly:

  • Removal of resource limitations for Stage3D i.e. amount of GPU memory used by texture, vertex buffers etc as describe in Context3D

  • Update geometry APIs to allow object pooling, so for example, rather than creating and returning new Point, Matrix, Vector3D etc objects, functions within the flash.geom.* classes will take an optional parameter that can be an object to reuse and return.

  • Plus an enhanced “splash screen” for customers who do not have a commercially licensed version of the SDK.


3.1.3 AS3 APIs

The updated APIs for flash.geom.* are described in section 11.


3.1.4 Features

None (see below 33.1.0.x beta updates)


3.3.2 AIR

AIR-168: AIR content goes all white/blank after AR camera closes (Gamua-67)
AIR-210: Splash screen improvements [pending on iOS]
AIR-263: iIPA process cannot uninstall an application from iOS13
AIR-296: Yet another fix to protect from crash in audio code on Android
AIR-308: Wrap up libimobiledevice for installation on iOS (Gamua-112)
AIR-346: Problems with Android 32-bit ANE development on SDK 33 (Gamua-217)


3.3.3 AIR

AIR-296: Adding further fix to protect from crash in audio code
AIR-300: Preventing hang when switching Wi-Fi connection when RTMFP is being used in a Worker (Gamua-96)
AIR-311: Fixing handling of invalid data passed to Font.registerFont() (Gamua-153)
AIR-312: Trying to protect against java.lang.NullPointerException on Android 9 (Gamua-70)


3.1.5 Bug Fixes

AIR-354: Crash when changing orientation in background (Gamua-230)
Gamua-231: Splash screen appears even on commercially licensed SDKs
Gamua-234: Packaging tvOS applications failure


3.2 Known Problems



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