AIR SDK release

Last Updated: Mar 5, 2020

see the release notes

OK a bit late to announce this one but better late than never :stuck_out_tongue:
also corrected a little error in the date of the AIR SDK release

Purpose of the release

There were a number of problems with the initial 33.1 release which this version addresses, in particular:

  • Lack of ‘complete’ event being dispatched after the splash screen had been removed
  • Crashes after start-up (due to memory/GC issue)
  • Display of splash screen by customers with a valid license file
  • New AS3 API incompatibility with the Flex mx.geom APIs and existing Flex apps

This release should provide more stability although there are a number of issues that are still outstanding that the team are working on with priority:

  • Continued problems with device connectivity, installing IPA files to iOS devices etc
  • Some impact to stage size following splash screen display
  • UIWebView API removal for iOS
  • Swift ANE support
  • iOS simulator issues


3.1.3 AS3 APIs

The updated APIs for flash.geom.* are described in section 11.


3.1.4 Features

AIR-313: Object pooling for geometry APIs – adjusted how these are defined


3.1.5 Bug Fixes

AIR-379: Problems with AIR 33.1 launch including black screen, invalid splash screen display, crash after short duration (Gamua-240, Gamua-249, Gamua-231)


3.2 Known Problems