AIR SDK release

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2020

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NOTE for anyone extracting this release over the top of a previous one, please delete the old ‘MainWindow.nib’ and ‘MainWindow-iPad.nib’ files from your old SDK location prior to copying the new files. These names are now used as folder names so you would get an error “Missing objects-13.0+.nib” if these did not copy properly.

Note too that had an incompatibility with Flex applications due to the updated function signatures used in the flash.geom package, to provide the ‘object pooling’ functionality. To avoid further issues the APIs have been reverted, and object pooling is now provided via new method names that reflect the original names with “ToOutput” appended.

Purpose of the release

This is a fix release that mostly provides bug fixes to the earlier versions of 33.1. Several issues had been caused by the approach taken to provide the splash screen, notably a problem when using AIR Native Extensions, plus issues with screen resolutions being incorrectly set up. An additional problem with a discrepancy between the AS3 and C++ definitions of the ‘Transform’ class meant that crashes were found on iOS platforms with ahead-of-time compilation.

Further issues with device connectivity have also been addressed, such that it should now be possible to use ADT to interact with the connected iOS devices properly on Windows and MacOS.

There are still a number of outstanding issues which we are attempting to address with priority, particularly around the iOS platform and the readiness for the new rules from Apple.


3.1.4 Features

Changing the splash screen mechanism: this should resolve issues:
Gamua-258: AIR - iOS - Immediately crashing on startup
Gamua-259: [Android IOS] AIR SDK when use ANE crashing on startup
Gamua-269: App area scaled completely wrong on ios.
Gamua-277: [Android iOS][] Display size


3.1.5 Bug Fixes

AIR-282: Ensuring proximity sensor doesn’t completely block the AIR process when enabled (Gamua-138)
AIR-380: Fixing crash when using AECM microphone on Android ARMv7 (Gamua-226)
AIR-388: Crash in iOS AOT builds due to flash.geom.Transform API update (Gamua-270)
AIR-394: Reverting fix for AIR-168 to avoid context recreating when bringing app to foreground (Gamua-256)
AIR-395: Fix for remote notification event token format in iOS 13.0 (Gamua-263)
AIR-397: Adding synchronization to cache access in Android app directory manager (potential improvement for Gamua-167)
Gamua-112: Enhancing iIPA tool and device connectivity mechanisms
Gamua-240: on Windows 10 only splash screen is displayed and black screen.


3.2 Known Problems



Got an email from Apple over night. An extension until June 30th is great news if it helps us with the Apple API problem.

it seems that Harman removed version and reverted back to

my bad, it was temporary (blame the automated script :wink: ) version is back online