AIR SDK release

Last Updated: April 9, 2020

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Purpose of the release

Release 33.1 includes support for the major platforms including Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. There are some limitations still particularly around tvOS which is not yet supported properly, and there will be future releases to address some of these issues.

This is a fix release that mostly provides bug fixes to the earlier versions of 33.1. Device connectivity should be improved, in terms of the integration of IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA and Adobe Animate which use the SDK to deploy and debug on iOS devices. Other minor bug fixes have been implemented.


3.1.4 Features

No new features.


3.1.5 Bug Fixes

Gamua-240: Ensuring ‘activate’ event is sent at startup on Windows after splash screen
Gamua-283: Fixing issue with iOS device installation log confusing IDEs
Gamua-285: Preventing splash screen from distorting on Android
Gamua-285: Preventing splash screen from remaining on the display when debugging
Gamua-286: Partial fix: ensuring AS3 functions don’t crash due to ByteArray length sychronisation
Gamua-287: Ensuring we only report real errors from libimobiledevice installation
Gamua-287: Reformatting iIPA output so that it can be parsed by Animate
Gamua-287: Ensuring iIPA.exe works with Flash Builder on Windows


3.2 Known Problems



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