AIR SDK BETA pre-release

Harman introduced a new pre-release branch to the AIR SDK

Download Adobe AIR Pre-Release [BETA] - version
This page allows you to download the latest BETA pre-release of the AIR SDK. The download and usage of this is subject to our license agreement, and for a pre-release this means that applications developed using this version of the SDK cannot be distributed. These are provided for internal evaluation and testing purposes only, and we value your feedback to help us further improve and enhance the AIR software.

before I was announcing Harman releases as AIR SDK Beta
which was obviously wrong and should have been AIR SDK etc.
those titles have been renamed

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2020

see the beta release notes

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This beta release of the SDK now includes support for iOS and macOS platforms, as well as the Android and Windows platforms. Support for tvOS and iPadOS will be included at a later date. This build is an initial platform build that is built upon the release, with a few additional fixes; there will a number of updates/fixes going into the beta branch over the next few weeks until a production release later in February.

Current plans for inclusion in the production release are the following updates, subject to final validation:

  • Updated mechanism for iOS device management – see #112 - we are changing to use the third party libimobiledevice utilities for acessing device information and for installing and uninstalling iOS applications.

  • Removal of resource limitations for Stage3D i.e. amount of GPU memory used by texture, vertex buffers etc as describe in Context3D (proposed by members of the developer community – please contact us if this would concern you)

  • Accessing a Dictionary containing Vectors results in String allocations on iOS (feasibility tbc) – see #1

  • Proximity on IOS blocks event processing when enabled (#138)

  • GPU memory leaks on Windows (#38)

  • Update geometry APIs to allow object pooling (requested on Adobe forums: so e.g. rather than creating and returning new Point, Matrix, Vector3D etc objects, functions within the flash.geom.* classes will take an optional parameter that can be an object to reuse and return.

  • Updated splash screen across the platforms: using a new layout based on something proposed by a member of the community, this also adapts to use a light or dark format based on the background color specified within the main SWF file.


3.1.3 Features

Adding support for Windows – ADL (32-bit and 64-bit) and “Adobe AIR.dll” are now built by HARMAN and are updated to version


3.1.4 Bug Fixes

AIR-296: Adding further fix to protect from crash in audio code
AIR-300: Preventing hang when switching Wi-Fi connection when RTMFP is being used in a Worker (Gamua-96)
AIR-311: Fixing handling of invalid data passed to Font.registerFont() (Gamua-153)
AIR-312: Trying to protect against java.lang.NullPointerException on Android 9 (Gamua-70)


3.2 Known Problems

AIR-168: AIR content goes all white/blank after AR camera closes (Gamua-67)
AIR-183: ANRs caused by inputs not finishing processing in time (Gamua-29)
AIR-263: iIPA process cannot uninstall an application from iOS13

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Fantastic news.
Harman is doing a great job, also the new format for release notes is really helpful.
Air lives :heart:

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