AIR SDK BETA pre-release

Last Updated: Feb 7, 2020

see the beta release notes

3.1.3 Features

AIR-210: Splash screen improvements [pending on iOS]


3.1.4 Bug Fixes

AIR-168: AIR content goes all white/blank after AR camera closes (Gamua-67)
AIR-263: IPA process cannot uninstall an application from iOS13
AIR-296: Yet another fix to protect from crash in audio code on Android
AIR-308: Wrap up libimobiledevice for installation on iOS (Gamua-112)
AIR-346: Problems with Android 32-bit ANE development on SDK 33 (Gamua-217)


3.2 Known Problems



@ajwfrost, download links still following to the previous AIR 33.1.17 beta.

Sorry, there was me thinking we just needed to switch the link on the filesystem so it pointed to the new folder. Worked for the PDF but seems like the SDK stuff needed the server to be rebooted in order for this to work!

Should be there now… thanks!

no worries, thanks for the info :slight_smile: