AIR SDK33 Beta Problem


Hey, I updated my SDK to 33 successfuly but its still 34 bit. I’m using animate and there is no selection for armv8 so I tried to make it pacakaged manualy with adt tool. But it says “error 303: Icon icon/144.png is missing from package”.

What can I do ? I really need help…


any files you are packaging in Animate you also need to package as part of your command line
Add this after the .swf
This should package all files contained in the “icon” folder

See ADT -package command examples section of


They said that they (Harman team) are working with adobe in order to add that feature, hopefully at the next version of animate cc


Have you finally compiled it successfully?
If yes , Would it be possible you detail the process to do it?
It will be very usefull for a lot of developper which currently encounter the same PB
( as per me hehe…). Never used ADT tool for that case and Adobe guidelines does barely help as a tutorial…


what did you try ?
give some more infos about your environment and the command-line you used
maybe you got some error message ?


I’m using Animate directly to compile.
No experience with external compiling tool so far. I’m editing Plist manually and then launch the compilation from the Publish option of animate.
I’m worried animate would no longer support this feature neither in the upcoming month…? will it be the case?


either wait for Harman/Adobe to fix the problem with Animate
or learn to compile with ADT from the command-line

eg. link already provided above


Humm I’m going to investiguate it further.
For option B ( wait Harman/adobe) to fix this in animate, Can we expect it for begining of August?
Without this we are a lot I guess to not know very well how to proceed with direct command lines…