Air To iOS upload problem from Mac OS Catalina

Since updating to Catalina on Mac I’ve had a load of problems:

  • installing the Harman Air 33 SDK took ‘allowing this unverified developer’ in System Prefs > Security
    (you have to allow loads of files that Apple will block)

  • Air 32 no longer publishes to an iOS device on Catalina

  • Air 33 does publish to a device

  • But, when I published with an Appstore Profile and uploaded it on Application loader I got this error:

ERROR ITMS-90502: “Invalid Bundle. Your binary, ‘com.Company.MyApp’, has a 64-bit architecture slice, so you must include the “arm64” value for the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key in your Xcode project. Learn more (”

  • So my workaround was to add this code in my xml doc and it worked - Uploaded to Apple with no errors.

Another damn workaround to get me through the week!

…HOWEVER - The code below will only support newer devices. I want 32 but as well.

Do I need to ask Harman for a fix for this? Anyone had this Apple error?


I also tried deploying with Air 33 to my old iPad 3 (32 bit) - and it said ‘incorrect architecture.’

So it looks like Air 33 does not support old iOS 32 bit anymore.

I’m going to email Harman now to check…

Here is the error I get on my Mac when I try to deploy with Air 32.

Ideally I’d still like to publish Air 32 for iOS on my iMac with Catalina.


I heard back from Andrew. It was a mistake to only support iOS 64bit in Air.32.0.288

New fix is coming soon:

“The change to only support 64-bit iOS devices was an accidental inclusion, as part of the general changes to ensure everything was 64-bit for MacOS 10.15… so actually we’ve reverted the change to the packaging tool so that IPA files will again work with 32-bit and 64-bit iPhones/iPads; there should be a release coming out tomorrow to fix this.”

In general, you should keep a VM of your build environment / setup
separated from your main OS to avoid such kind of conflicts

Catalina is new and bring a shit load of problems

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