AIR33.1.1.98 can't connect to device

I’ve read elsewhere that the recent release fixes past problems with connecting to iOS devices but I have a 7th gen iPad on iOS 13.5.1 and still can’t install .ipa with Animate 2020 or CLI -adt on Catalina. As far as I can tell I’ve authorised all packaging components with gatekeeper including a manual auth for libzip.5.dylib.
Is anyone else still struggling? Plus, is it true this .98 build doesn’t support launchscreen storyboards? Thanks!


you read elsewhere ?

how about you do your own tests and start reading the release notes that contains all those details ?

can you list the device ?
what returns adt -devices -platform ios ?

how did you try to install the IPA ?
Music app ?
XCode ?
xcrun ?

do you have any error messages or window?

what certificate signed the IPA? have you verified your certificates / provisioning profiles etc. ?

I’m tired of people asking WHAT IFs instead of testing themselves

what you read elsewhere can be outdated or not related to your issues and is not as good as the tests you’re doing at hand

go here to check if what you’re after is mentioned

and compare with the release note

if it does not look like something already found and look like a valid bug then report it and gives the steps by steps to reproduce it

I’m grateful for the trouble you’ve gone to in replying but you’re criticism is a litle harsh. I think it should be clear from the detail I’ve provided that I have tried a variety of fixes. In particular, reading the release notes and the Gamua issues it’s clear there’s been a history of problems connecting the iPad under iOS 13. It’s quite possible there are still issues out there unresolved. FYI I’ve tried the methods you mention.
A forum is not only for precise detailing of known solutions. It’s also for discussion and exploring concerns people have. It has not been straightforward migrating from Adobe to Harman support. Clearly things have fallen in the gaps. If we can only talk about known unknowns we’re not going to get very far.
Do you know for a fact that supports storyboards, or is it just your opinion or personal experience? It certainly isn’t addressed in the release notes. All the best!


you mentioned exactly one “and still can’t install .ipa with Animate 2020 or CLI -adt on Catalina”

I asked about listing device, other ways to install the IPA and any error messages,
because you did not mention those

keyword “history”
someone mentioning a problem or an issue couple months/weeks/days ago
does not mean the issue still persist now

great, but because you did not mention those in the first place how could I know you did try those?

yeah and it seems you’re assuming it is the AIR SDK fault, it’s not

the gap you’re talking about is a gap in culture, programming culture

the constant changes and updates of mobile versions, SDK versions, etc.
is created by the mobile platforms, not AIR

they adopted the rhythm of FAANG where professional developers update such stuff on a daily basis without thinking about it twice

indeed, that makes it harder for other dev that may not follow the same pace

I don’t know and I don’t care.

You see this storyboards is one of the many things that change on mobile platform, and change fast, If I have to solve this problem to make it work I don’t need to wait for Harman or the AIR SDK to solve it for me or to confirm it.

I’m a dev, that’s my job to solve problems to get there.

If it is in the doc or mentioned in a release note, good I earn time not having to research it myself, but if nothing is there I just test it for myself.

Take macOS apps with Adobe AIR, you have a set of icons to define in AIR, not all icon size are supported, and to this day it is still not supported.

Do you let that stop you?
off course not

You go and search the relevant docs and infos from the vendor, in this case Apple macOS,
and when you know what they expect, you take the AIR output and patch it to make it work,
in this case generating your own set of icon.icns.

take this other thread AIR Desktop App vs. Mac App Store

@ElOIl gives all the details he did to publish his app and yet he still had issues

about publishing apps, the problem is not with AIR but with Apple changing the rules constantly and the general difficulty of it

if he did not gives this amount of details someone else like @tuarua could have not come and help him solve the issue

and sometimes very small details like the wrong size of an icon is what is creating the issue

your icon-1024.png base file is not 1024x1024px is it?
Looks like it is 512x512

that’s what developers do

they go deep into the details, they analyse things, they dissect things, they understand exactly how things work (or does not work) and why

so they (the dev), can solve the problem and make it work

when you say

that’s a end-user attitude, you wait for someone else to document it for you

imho a dev attitude is to go after the thing and test it, compare results, etc. solve it

but for that you do need greater details