Android App Bundle

So i can’t release my app becaue i receive a warning that i should use .aab.

I don’t think that i can create an .abb at the moment.

Had anyone the same issue?

give more infos

but basically you can’t right now publish and Adobe AIR Android app as an app bundle
you have to publish multiple apk, one for each architecture supported

search “multiple apk” in the forum archives

This already helped me.

I try to upload 2 apk for the different architectures.

Ok so its possible to upload 2 different apk, but i cant’t publish because Google wants me to submit an .aab.

Is there anyone who wanted to submit a new app with multiple apk?

I want to publish a new app. So its the first version.

I created the .apk for both architectures (armv7, armv8) and uploaded them.

But i can’t publish my app because i get a warning that i should submit an .aab and the button for publishing is disabeld.

I successfully published my app.

It is nice that is working for you

maybe you could give more details on what went wrong and how you solved the problem, you know for other dev that might encounter the same problem

even a basic “I forgot to do this and that’s why it was not working” can help others

Basically it was my fault, because i didn’t fill up the entire store-entry. (facepalm)

But depending on the warnings I thought the problem was that i didn’t support an Android App Bundle.

Then I packaged 2 different apks.

One for 32x (armv7) and one for 64x (armv8).

I upload the 32x-version which must have a lower version number than the 64x-version.

eg. 32x -> 1.0.0, 64x -> 1.0.1

Doing this your app supports both architectures and the PlayStore delivers the right one to the customer.


I also packaged the 32x-verison with AIR SDK 32 because then i wouldn’t have the Harrman SplashScreen.
Which is very annoying because you can’t purchase a license yet.