Android notch screen cutout

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I have a problem with some Android phones that has notch screen (ie Huawei P20). By system default, apps notch settings are set to “auto” and when app is set to open in fullscreen system doesn’t convert “auto” to “show notch”, but rather to “hide notch”. Therefore, app reads fullscreen size with included notch size which finalizes with oversized stage as you can see on next image.

Is there a way to force app to open with “show notch” settings or there’s a way to detect notch size? Maybe adding some app descriptor element or there is some ANE for this?

see this discussion on starling forum
Detect if phone has Notch (iPhone XS, XR, X)

and also refer to the official doc
Support display cutouts


We have recently updated our Application ANE to include information about the notch and ability to render content around it.

See the developer docs on cutouts (notches):

And for layout modes:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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