Android TV App rejected


I tried to submit an app for Android TV on Google Play, my app is rejected

Publishing status: Rejected
Your app has not been accepted into Android TV. This does not affect your app’s status on Google Play.
Reasons of violation	
Eligibility issues by version
Version(s)	Eligibility Issue
APK:1000000	No full-size app banner
Your app does not contain a full-size app banner or is it not visible in the launcher. We are targeting 1080P, which we consider xhdpi. Apps should include the banner in the xhdpi (320 dpi) drawables folder with a size of (320px × 180px). Please refer to our Home Screen Banner and UI Patterns documentation.
The title should help users identify apps in the launcher. Please refer to our Visual Design and User Interaction documentation for more information.
For example, your banner does not fill the entire banner space.

and the Google Answer

Thanks for contacting the Android TV team. 
I see that there is some confusion regarding your app, myApp (air.myApp), and issues with the launcher banner. 
During review, I was able to observe the following behavior: 
The launcher banner for your app is not full sized. The app launcher icon should be 320 x 180px full-size banner. 
For your reference, I've attached a screenshot of how your launcher banner currently appears. 
I hope I was able to provide some clarification on this matter. Once this issue has been addressed, please submit your app and our team will gladly review it again. 
You may want to refer to TV app quality and Provide a home screen banner for additional guidance. 
Please reach out if you have any other questions or concerns.   
The Google Play Team

for Google the laucher banner is truncated

In my test on an Sony Bravia Android TV or AVD the banner launcher is not truncated

my app descriptor

    <manifestAdditions android:installLocation=“auto”>
                <uses-permission android:name=“android.permission.PERMISSION_NAME” />


Are you absolutely sure that your banner image /assets/banner.png
is 320x180 ? and the path is correct ?

from the AIR SDK 28 release notes

2. <banner></banner>

This is the tag where the user can give the banner image path. Application Banners represent your app or game on the home screens of TV devices and serve as a way for users to launch the app. The specific requirements for a banner image are 320 x 180 px, .png, xhdpi resource. In case the developer does not provide the banner image with <supportsAndroidTV>true<supportsAndroidTV> tag, a default banner image will reflect on the home screen of Android TV. SDK tools should be updated to version 24.0.0 or higher. In order to access new APIs for TV devices, you must create a project or modify an existing project that targets Android 5.0 (API level 21) or higher. Applications can only be packaged with –target apk-captive-runtime for Android TV. Android TV support is available from AIR SDK 20.0 or higher, and so the namespace needs to be added accordingly in app.xml file.

if it is the wrong size, it will not be accepted
if the path is not accessible AIR will create a default banner

now according to Home Screen Banner Android documentation

The banner should be an xhdpi resource with a size of 320 x 180 px. Text must be included in the image. If your app is available in more than one language, you must provide separate versions of the banner with text for each supported language.

you HAVE TO include the name of the app as text in the image

in summary, if your app is

  • either missing a 320 x 180 banner
  • or it does not contains the name of the app in it

the app will be rejected

the app banner shown in your post is just the AIR icon, there is no app name
so it seems that this is causing the rejection, even if the rejection reason make it not clear

You can compare with the banner of the sample apps

for ex:


The AIR icon is just an example, is not the real image, i added the name of the app as text in the image, the launcher banner appear full sized in my Sony Bravia 4K and in AVD (Android Studio), Google answered test app in Hisense TV or NVidia Shield and the image is cut off like my image, it’s the problem.
It’s impossible to compile the apk if the banner size is not 320 x 180 px.
I open the apk and the banner in Air app is in “res/drawable”, not in “res/xhdpi” folder.
Someone had successfully add an Air app on Android TV Play Store ?

it’s obviously not otherwise your app would not be rejected

so here a little tip about debugging stuff
never assume you already know

another tip, when you ask for someone else help
give them the full and real information

maybe you’re using transparency, maybe your text is too small and not readable,
maybe the colors used do not have a strong enough contrast ratio, maybe the text is not related to the app name, etc.

I don’t see it so I don’t know

yet another tip, because you’re using Android Studio, use Lint to test your app before submission
it will tell you

for ex

Summary: TV Missing Banner

Priority: 7 / 10
Severity: Error
Category: Correctness

A TV application must provide a home screen banner for each localization if it
includes a Leanback launcher intent filter. The banner is the app launch point
that appears on the home screen in the apps and games rows.

More information:

You’re right, I thought I had removed the transparency but no.
Thanks for your help.

good, always the tree hiding the forest :smiley: