ANE - curl & openssl

Just sharing sources of the win32 dll ANE in VisualStudio 2012 that uses curl and openssl.
I’m using it primarily to parse p12 certs, signing some data, POSTing to URL with TLS v1.2.
It has some hashing functions that are intensive on AS3 level exported as well.

AIR 64bit on Windows?



so if you use something like SecureSocket

according to the doc it should

The supported encryption protocols are SSL 3.1 and higher, and TLS 1.0 and higher. (TLS is the successor protocol for SSL. TLS 1.0 equals SSL 3.1, TLS 1.1 equals SSL 3.2, and so on.) SSL versions 3.0 or lower are not supported.

so AIR support max TLS 1.1, so yeah if TLS 1.2 is what you need you are stuck
and have to use an ANE

and funny enough your implementation of this ANE
would give more or less the guidelines to implement SecureSocket natively :slight_smile:

Yeah I needed just that per technical requirements.
The ANE proj is not “professionally” packed though.
I’ll add binaries as well, it’s not easily for users to compile.