ANE issue IRONSOURCE 6.14.0 with Air 33

Hello community!

I’m in trouble when compiling the IOS version of my app
It only happen when I add the IRONSOURCE latest sdk for Air IOS.
The problem disappear when removing this ANE.

The android 64 bit compiliation works pretty well with this ANE for info.
Pb only with IOS version.

Should I do something specific in the Lib or frameworks files of the AIR SDK to make it works?
Is someone encountering the same kind of issue ? or with other plugins maybe?
What’s the point of this kind of issue? seems like it’s a PB of architectures of ANE…

Error message is pretty clear
symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64

this ANE does not have a 64-bit version for iOS

I don’t know ironsource but I’m pretty sure they have their own issue tracking supports, you should contact them there

Thanks for your prompt reply and confirmation zwetan! So , That’s what I was suspecting …

I’m going to investigate with them, but not sure they have a tracking supports / github or else unfortunatly…
I just sent them an email and will keep you guys posted.
Can be usefull for the futur as it’s the main platform to integrated ads in app with various mediations

Updating a bit the topic, the answer from IRONSOURCE staff is the AIR 33.1 should be fixed in a next update, the issue does come from the AIR SDK for IOS. We can still use an older IRONSOURCE SDK to fix the issue though.