Animate CC Survey



I thought it would be a good idea to take a 2mns of your time to fill this survey about Animate CC and how Adobe could improve it.


The more we are, the more Adobe will be inclined to listen to us.

By the way good job Zwetan for attempting to gather the community.



thanks for the link, I did not see it around on social media or other stuff
and yeah I edited the post a little to add an image and change the category to #community

don’t take it bad, the edits are just there so the post spread further :slight_smile:

for the survey in itself, personally I see it as pretty good news
it tell us, at least, that Adobe is interested in knowing the opinion of their users

so yeah I encourage everyone to take a bit of their time to answer all those questions

maybe Animate CC doesn’t do everything you want or need?
maybe you would rather prefer the tool to allow to do this or that?
or at the contrary you can not live without such and such features?

just tell Adobe


Thanks! Indeed I prefer the way you edited it :slight_smile:


I just took the survey and explained what can be done to improve the optimization of the JS output of Animate in terms of reducing file size - an option “minify+base 62 encode” maybe…? It’s still important for the online advertising business, as the rich media format usually has pretty tight constrains - I was working in that industry some years ago and the fat JS files produced by Animate were a bummer. That’s why I shared my solution.