Another Tech Site BS Claims: MP3 is dead [another 'Flash is dead'-like]


Well ,I don’ understand how on earth author on sites like gizmodo could be that cheap?
On 2012 they clain Flash is dead , then on 2017 claims that MP3 is dead?


The MP3 is dead but its effect on the digital landscape is profound

Not only gizmodo, but also on site like engadget.

At the end of April 2017, the Fraunhofer Society who holds right for MP3 license issued a press release. In short, it announced that they are no longer licensing MP3 patents because they have expired BUT they did NOT terminate the project.
Only licensing fees are dropped, means that everyone who requires MP3 no need to pay a single dime.

And I’m not gonna tell how they told something similar like that to Flash Platform since 2012, telling Flash is dead , bla bla bla which is one of the massive scam in the computer history.

Now , can someone tell me why do these bstd tech bloggers are loving to create hoax-smells article like that OVER and OVER again?

Is it for $$$$ from blogging?

Or what motives drive them to do so?


Fraunhofer Society Official Press release :