Any way to run MXMLC from Android OS?

My laptop was taught for concert some weeks ago, so I’m now unsure abut ny dev. future. I’m now only able to use a kinda-useful Android cellphone.

I’m looking for self-hoisting compilation in Android. I’ve found Java N-IDE these days (it supports Java and Android Studio projects) and it includes a APK Bundle option, so I’m able to build any app from Android itself! But I personally hate Java and Android API itself (quite messed and big). So I’d like to know, is there any way yo use MXMLC and ADT in Android, w/o depending in a server? I.e., maybe a command-line XD.

I know that I’ve used the MXMLC compiler on ARM64 with Debian Jessie without problem running Java Apps. It should work if you have a JDK installed.