Apache Royale Coming Soon


In an earlier post we talked a bit about Apache Royale FlexJS is now Apache Royale
and since then things have moved a bit so here an update.

The official web site for Apache Royale is

and so far you can only see

Apache Royale
Coming soon…

but if you follow the links and other resources you can have a sneak peek

You can also find a small web site for Royale Developers
with examples and snippets
and its github

The TranspiledActionScript is an idea to have all the updates on what is happening in Apache Royale™ project in one place. This repository will present information as code snippets, utils, wiki articles as well as more sophisticated examples, some of which will be at a certain point moved to Apache Royale™ project.

And now the different github repos

Apache Royale Compiler

This Apache Royale Compiler was formerly known as the ‘Falcon’ compiler. It was
originally destined to be the next-generation replacement to the MXMLC compiler
that is currently bundled with the Apache Flex SDK. This compiler is based on the
Adobe ASC2.0 code base donated to Apache by Adobe Systems Inc.

The compiler has been modified and extended to transpile MXML and ActionScript
to JavaScript and potentially other output definitions and is
now being used as the compiler for the Apache Royale SDK. Royale is a
next-generation SDK that allows the developer to leverage MXML and ActionScript
to build applications that not only run as a SWF, but can also be cross-compiled
to JavaScript and run natively in a browser or anywhere JavaScript runs.

Apache Royale ASJS

The Apache Royale project is developing a next-generation of the Apache Flex™ SDK: . Royale has the goal of allowing applications developed in MXML and ActionScript to not only run in the Flash/AIR runtimes, but also to run natively in the browser without Flash, on mobile devices as a PhoneGap/Cordova application, and in embedded JS environments such as Chromium Embedded Framework. Royale has the potential to allow your MXML and ActionScript code to run in even more places than Flash currently does.

For detailed information about using Royale, visit:

For more information about the Apache Royale project, visit:

If you go to apache.github.io/royale-docs/ nothign to see yet
but you can find a temporary documentation that redirect here

And here more github repos

Apache Royale Website

Apache Royale TypeDefs

Apache Royale Documentation

Apache Royale 'Tour de JS’

but not much to see there yet

So, from the web site preview (screenshot above) you can see (more or less) the direction where Apache Royale is going

  • Code Once. Run everywhere.

    Apache Royale™ is a productive open source frontend application technology that allows you to code in MXML & AS3 and output to different formats.

  • Enterprise Class Level

    Design & Code in enterprise level languages and tools to ensure the level of quality your applications and clients demand

  • OOP & Declarative Programming

    Code in a robust OOP language (AS3) and build your interfaces in a fast declarative XML language (MXML).

  • Multiple Targets & Devices

    Maintain your knowledge and workflows intact for years to come and let Royale provide you with the right output you need.

  • Advanced Communications

    Royale support AMF communications a performant way to share object graphs with your backend of choice.

  • Fast Performance & Lightweight

    Royale Apps are light and performant thanks to the PAYG (Pay as you go) philosophy combined with their Composition architecture (Strands & Beads).

  • Supported by Apache

    A great Open Source Foundation ensures long term evolution with the technologies you choose far beyond market & corporate trends

Note: take all this as a grain of salt it is just a preview not the official final web site, things may change.

But all that still give a good ideas where things are going, simply put, Apache Royale is about the same idea as Flex but with also output to HTML.

It does use AS3 but also mainly rely on MXML and components so don’t hope for a “magic” converter that takes any AS3 app and convert it to HTML.

But it can definitevely become a very good tool/framework/system for building apps that will target both Adobe AIR and HTML, provided you structure the app based on MXML and components.

Compared to things like AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, etc. it can become a pretty good competitor.

Quick personal comment, I don’t really like MXML, I would rather write everything in AS3 and define only the components “on the fly” for what the app need, but if you see Apache Royale as “infrastructure” or “tooling” it can be really interesting to have such options (at the compiler level) even if you are a hardcore pure AS3 dev.

Getting back into programming with AS