App Bundle Icons Problem

Hello! First post here.

I was able to upload an application with air 33 and app bundle to Google PlayStore. All nice. Except, no. My app is not showing icons.

So my question is: does anyone knows how to make the app bundle and being sure icons are going to be displayed?~

I guess I’m doing something wrong when building the bundle. My code in cmd was the mentioned by Harman and I had at the end of that a folder labeled “Icons” with, obviously, the icons (png images).

Example code:

java -jar 《path》 -package -target aab
-storetype pkcs12 -keystore certificate.p12
-storepass helloAS3Lang Game.aab Game-app.xml
Game.swf Icons

Sorry. Not sure how to post code here. Woops~

Thanks for reading~

Hi @Amy and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

please look at this post where you can see basic markdown syntax to post code
Announcement: If you ask for help about code

look at this tutorial by distriqt
Android Adaptive Icons

the hard part will be how to package those icons into your AIR app


let us know how it goes, if you still stuck (on the packaging for ex)
I might be able to help with some custom scripts for you

I’d suggest you stay away from packaging as an AAB until it is more stable.

Currently it’s only experimental output from AIR and only handles the most basic application case. I know it is additional effort to publish 2 apks for 32/64bit but you get a much more stable end result currently.

Thank you for answering~

Fortunately, we solved the main problem here: I learned know how to post code! So thank you so much! Haha.

trace("Thank you, Zwetan!");

Ok. Now serious.

Well… I just read that tutorial about adaptative icons.

So… for what I read, I understand AIR can display icons when you packing AAB file, right?~ but my app does the opposite: it doesn’t!

I mean, is not showing icons at all, just the default AIR
display when you don’t have any.



So…~ that’s why I think I’m writting bad the cmd output, or maybe is the XML file~ so about XML file, this is how I’m selecting icons:


And the same to 48x48, 72x72, 96x96, 144x144 and 192x192.

Maybe it’s a bad moment to mention I’m using… Adobe Animate. Lol.

Oh… dang~

Maybe you’re right.

I’m going to check how to publish 2 apks without being attacked by 1293829 bugs in GooglenPlay Store!

I´m using animate to edit my .apk and works great with icons

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Have you tried to make AAB file and check if icons are displayed?~

I use this, maybe the quickest way.