AppBrain Android app frameworks


Recently (Last updated: April 2, 2019) Appbrain updated their list of app framework utilised for Android

hey looky here Adobe AIR is top 5

too bad they don’t list that for both iOS and Android, pretty sure AIR would reach top 3

and if you add desktop the mix, as being able to build for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows
well… to me Adobe AIR is top 1, no Kotlin, no React Native, no Flutter, etc. come even close

here few links (food for thought :smiley:)

and plenty more when you search “[tech name] suck” :smiley:

And you know what all those articles have in common?
they will know about PhoneGap, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, etc.

but none of them know about Adobe AIR

and when you read what they are complaining about, well…
you do realise you don’t have such problems with AIR or that the workaround is much less painful

anyway thanks to @alienmelon


If you had checked that same list about 2 years ago, I’m bet that AIR would be on the position 2.
Seems that everyone (almost) wants irrational the eradicate without a reasonable reason but AIR is strong enough to survive until now. This chart shows how strong AIR is.
I don’t want to appear pessimist but unfortunately I think that in more few years, will vanishes.
The runtime is very good (that was never the issue) but new users will not come to AIR.
I hope I’m wrong.


Not using AIR does not means it “eradicates” AIR
it just means it shows less or some people doesn’t even know it exists

That’s the secret weapon effect

see: Beating the Averages

The Secret Weapon

Our secret weapon was similar. We wrote our software
in a weird AI language, with a bizarre syntax full of
parentheses. For years it had annoyed me to hear Lisp
described that way. But now it worked to our advantage.
In business, there is nothing more valuable than a
technical advantage your competitors don’t understand.
In business, as in war, surprise is worth as much as force.

let me put emphasis on

In business, there is nothing more valuable than a technical advantage your competitors don’t understand

a hell lot of people do not understand AIR, they ditch it “by default” because associated to Flash, it does not even register on their 'technology radar", and yet when it come to build cross-platform mobile apps (and desktop apps) it is a great advantage

we know it, they don’t


Interesting description.

Curiously, I had to deal with LISP in college and in all the languages I learned or worked, it was the only one I did not like (I actually hated it).
One of the reasons I did not like Flutter/DART because it reminds me of LISP.

Yes, indeed as I said many times in past, technologies don’t die.
They are not persons, LOL.
While the AIR can operate in a operating system, it’s a viable option, like VB6, Cobol, etc …

If a runtime, can not operate any more in the target operation system (or systems), only then, it’s the end of the line.


I would say that ADOBE in general even if not related to AIR itself, is doing pretty good:

You know, the trend spins, its like fashion!